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Feb 19 2016

IPhone 5se shaping up to be mini powerhouse

It is going to be really interesting that how this move by the company will affect the growth of sales in the country. After selling iPhone 4s and iPhone 5c for as ...

Feb 18 2016

Apple Watch 2 Already Causing Loss Of Profits For Retailers

If you've been planning on purchasing the Apple Watch but were just holding out for a great deal, you might find it particularly interesting that Best Buy , Target, Walm...

Feb 16 2016

Von Miller: I broke rule on Newton strip sack

Teammate T.J. Ward recovered the loose ball - and therefore possession for the Broncos - and the Panthers' chances of victory were officially snuffed out.

Feb 16 2016

Say hello to gravity waves

The "sensitive measuring thing" is the twin Laser Interferometer Gravitational-wave Observatory (LIGO) detectors, which are in Louisiana and Washington in the US. "We...

Feb 16 2016

Hulu launches Universal Windows 10 app

If you have no designer skills, don't worry, as the app can also clean up and automatically fix 3D models. So if you haven't watched Fargo yet, you can say "Hey Cortana, ...

Feb 13 2016

Scientists make historical discovery, confirm Einstein's theory

Except instead of air or water or some other matter, gravitational waves move through a medium that permits everything in it - you, me, the Earth, the stars - to exis...

Feb 11 2016

Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro Returns for 2017

If you're the kind of person who enjoys buying a highly specialized vehicle right from the showroom, the 2016 Chicago Auto Show is turning out to be just your cup of tea....

Feb 10 2016

How much Broncos players get paid for winning the Super Bowl

Although it took him five years to get to a Pro Bowl, he led the Giants to a Super Bowl win in his fourth season (2007) and then again four years later.

Feb 10 2016

OPERATING SYSTEMS Microsoft Wants You Using Windows 10, Like It or Not

This type of transparency is what hardcore fans of Microsoft and Windows 10 have been wanting to see for some time now. The Windows 10 update is also notable becaus...

Feb 09 2016

Pangu Jailbreak Team Reccomends Updating To iOS 9.2.1

Also do keep in mind that there's a chance Apple would patch iOS 9.3 in such a way that it will patch the jailbreak altogether before it's even released, so be ready to e...

Feb 08 2016

Super Bowl 50 halftime show brings Coldplay, Bruno Mars, Beyonce

Coldplay's lead vocalist Chris Martin ran along with them as he crooned his feel good hits and then hit the stage, which was lit up with a Technicolor array of LEDs that ...

Feb 07 2016

Chinese New Year 2016 lunar Monkey (Zodiac) Greetings Wishes Images Quotes Animals

Have a profitable Year of the Monkey! The Monkey is the ninth of the 12-year cycle of animals which appear in the Chinese zodiac related to the Chinese calendar. A ...

Feb 06 2016

Apple to release iPhone 5SE, iPad Air 3 on March 15

Many wonder whether releasing the alleged 4-inch iPhone 5se makes business sense, or represents a mere nostalgic throwback. The current rumours around the phone sugge...

Feb 03 2016

Honda Ridgeline is a 'Truck to Love' in 2016 Super Bowl Spot

How about a little Van Halen to go with your nachos? The Japanese carmaker has made a decision to promote its 2017 Ridgeline pickup truck in its latest commercial.

Jan 30 2016

Microsoft financials raise doubts over the future of Windows Phone

During the quarter, Microsoft returned $6.5 billion to shareholders in the form of share repurchases and dividends. Finally Personal Computing revenue is down 5% ( or...

Jan 26 2016

Microsoft Surface tablets blamed after National Football League breakdown

We have experienced no issues with the tablets this season. This fact was reported by the CBS sideline reporters and was shortly followed up by an additional sideline...

Jan 25 2016

Triple H saves WWE Royal Rumble 2016 from mediocrity

Rumors have persisted for months that if he does have a match, it would be against Triple H, and that makes things even more interesting. One of the staples of the annu...

Jan 21 2016

Microsoft's Mimicker Alarm Brings Machine Learning to Android

Dealing with Mimicker Alarm during 6AM starts may be hard, but it should make you get out of bed. Alarm clocks suck, mostly because they take you from a happy place (th...

Jan 21 2016

Bernie Sanders: 'We're taking on the political establishment' ... like Planned Parenthood?

In an interview on MSNBC on Tuesday night, Sanders responded to a question about Clinton's endorsements with a broad criticism of the " establishment ", explaining, "...

Jan 21 2016

Microsoft Announces First Xbox One Update 2016

Aside from the return of party chat details, Microsoft is also providing a new Gamescore leaderboard option. The source noted that the free update on the PS4 and Xbox O...