Michigan GOP Commences Restricting Power Of Approaching Democratic Leaders

Michigan GOP Commences Restricting Power Of Approaching Democratic Leaders

Michigan GOP Commences Restricting Power Of Approaching Democratic Leaders

"We said it 15 times every single day", Ever said in an interview Tuesday evening on CNN before legislators voted to curb the authority of both the incoming governor and attorney general.

After an all-night debate and jeers from protesters, Wisconsin politicians voted in the early hours of Wednesday on measures that would limit early voting, which has helped Democrats.

"They're either circumventing the will of the voters, or they're trying to take power away from the new administration", said Senate Democratic Leader Jim Ananich, who represents Flint. Walker has signaled his support for the bills; on Thursday, a spokesman said Walker was still reviewing the legislation and gave no timetable for action. Outgoing Republican Gov. Rick Snyder is mum on whether he will sign the bills if they reach his desk. But the rush to curtail the powers of the governor's office ahead of an executive from the opposing party being sworn in takes partisan machinations to a new level, he said.

State. Sen. Rob Cowles (R-Green Bay) was the only republican senator to oppose the bill limiting early voting. It's easy to draw districts that favor the rural party with political geography that looks like that, and Democrats largely have no one to blame but themselves for the trade-offs that come with evolving into a primarily urban and suburban party. Evers can not withdraw the federal waiver that is part of the requirement because he would first have to go through the GOP-controlled Legislature.

"The Legislature makes the laws, the executive branch enforces the laws and the judicial branch interprets the laws", said Rep. Robert Wittenberg of Huntington Woods. But the GOP in 2010 gerrymandered the state's legislative districts, so it now holds a 63-47 majority.

The Wisconsin legislation passed in a session marked by stops and starts as GOP leaders tried to muster enough votes in the Senate. The Republican legislature there moved in 2016 to limit the power of incoming Democratic Gov. Roy Cooper to hire and fire state employees, and to appoint Cabinet members and trustees to the University of North Carolina system, among other moves.

The GOP actions in Wisconsin mirror what the party has done after losing control of the governor's office in MI this year and two years ago in North Carolina, where the state is still mired in lawsuits.

Perhaps recent court rulings redrawing district lines in some states, or even the mid-term election results, caused counter legislative acts in Wisconsin and MI, but while these will make governing for Democrats in those states more hard, they're not illegal, says a constitutional law expert at Washington University in St. Louis. "You will go down in history as a disgrace", he added, as he and other Democrats employed hyperbolic rhetoric.

In North Carolina, state authorities have refused to certify Republican Mark Harris as the victor of the 9th Congressional District while investigators look into election-fraud allegations swirling around a consultant who worked for Harris. It also would allow lawmakers to temporarily control the board of the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation, an agency incoming Gov.

Robin Vos, the apeaker of the Wisconsin State Assembly, told reporters the day after the election that the plan is meant to "re-balance" power following the Walker administration. "To you, this is all about politics".

The attorney general's office, meanwhile, wouldn't be allowed to withdraw from federal lawsuits.

Judges could block the proposals if they become law by issuing temporary injunctions.

The lawmakers would also grant themselves the power to hire private lawyers to defend state laws facing court challenges - another move created to chip away at Kaul and the new administration's powers.

Republicans who control the Wisconsin Assembly have passed a lame-duck bill enacting a Medicaid work requirement.

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