Rudy Giuliani claims his Twitter account was invaded

Rudy Giuliani claims his Twitter account was invaded

Rudy Giuliani claims his Twitter account was invaded

All you need to know is that in his haste, or his attempt to emulate Trump, Giuliani included several typos in the tweet, including the omission of a space at the start of a sentence that started with the word "in".

Rudy Giuliani is not just the personal lawyer for President Donald Trump.

In a tweet, Giuliani suggested - without evidence - that Twitter, may have been involved in linking his tweet to the apparent anti-Trump website.

Most twitterians lauded the person who bought the domain and captioned it.

Rudy Giuliani became the latest conservative to lash out at Twitter, accusing it of allowing someone to "invade my text" after he fell victim to a prank unrelated to the social media company.

It was Friday and President Donal Trump's lawyer had issued yet another missive criticizing special counsel Robert Mueller.

Giuliani appears to attribute the hyperlink to a malicious effort by Twitter because of his second typo, "Helsinki.Either", did not have the same result. The same thing-period no space-occurred later and it didn't happen. He was referring to a November 30 tweet in which Giuliani - by failing to put a space after a period, and starting the next sentence with the word "In" - had inadvertently created a hyperlink.

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Rudy Giuliani has no idea how the internet works

"I wanted something. bold", he said. CNET rounds up some of the tweeted replies to Giuliani in that vein (read them here), like this one: "Did you try unplugging it then plugging it back in?"

At most, Velazquez thought his stunt would get a "few hundred retweets" and then be absorbed into the Twittersphere, but by early Wednesday morning, Giuliani's tweet containing the link had about 45,000 likes and almost 17,000 retweets.

Because of how Twitter works, hyperlinks are automatically created when valid domains are written out in tweets.

Giuliani was immediately roasted by the internet for what one Twitter user described as "turning a typo into a full on conspiracy theory".

Velazquez told The Post that Giuliani's follow-up tweet "speaks to the impulsive nature of the administration where they're not thoughtful in anything they put out there, especially on Twitter".

The disgraced national security adviser and retired U.S. Army general pleaded guilty to lying to Federal Bureau of Investigation agents and agreed to cooperate with special counsel Robert Mueller, who told a court that Flynn had provided "substantial assistance".

Giuliani has actually made this mistake before. To prevent that from happening, Velazquez made a quick update to his website.

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