Fury-Wilder ends in incredible draw in Los Angeles

Fury-Wilder ends in incredible draw in Los Angeles

Fury-Wilder ends in incredible draw in Los Angeles

Los Angeles Lakers basketball star LeBron James wrote: "Man that was the funniest/craziest fight I've ever seen in my life".

"I honestly don't know", Fury said of how he made it to his feet after Wilder detonated a nuclear bomb of a left hook on him in the final frame.

"[Rochin] needs to be banned from boxing because he can't judge".

"Rochin, you need sacking, or to go to Specsavers, mate".

"It's boxing, it's not the first time it's happened but stuff like this gives boxing a bad name".

He continued that after proving that he looks as good as at any stage of his career with a rare display of skill and movement against the big-hitting Wilder who was frequently swinging at thin air before eventually flooring Fury in the ninth and 12th rounds but couldn't finish him off.

"It's no secret that Joshua did not want this fight", Fury claimed.

"I don't know what he was watching", added Fury.

"I would love for it to be my next fight", Wilder said. "Deontay Wilder is a heck of a champion".

Where this leaves the unification of all the heavyweight belts is anyone's guess, though.

Instead, the main talking point from a thrilling contest was Fury's miraculous recovery after being knocked down by Wilder in the 12th round.

Referee Jack Reiss gave Fury every chance as he seemingly checked on his well-being for a split second before starting his count and Wilder was not happy about the apparent delay, contrasting the official's count with a knockout earlier in the night.

The 30-year-old Fury recognises the extraordinary power that he possesses, but he also insists that Wilder is so flawed that he should still pose little threat. Fury was up at about nine and half seconds.

"I hope I did you all proud after almost three years out of the ring. Me and this man are the two best heavyweights on the planet", added Fury, who exited his press conference after leading a rousing chorus of Don McLean's classic "American Pie". "I always wanted to unify the division", Wilder said.

"The Gypsy King has returned".

In Fury's corner, outside the ropes and three-feet from my seat, Ben Davison, the young trainer, was calm. Wilder-Fury not only lived up to the hype, it gracefully hurdled it with an evening filled with drama and violence.

At the bell, a bell so few have answered when Wilder connects, Fury raised his gloves in victory in an act of defiance. I got knocked down but I still believe I won the fight.

Wilder however suddenly found a devastating combination just when he needed it in the 12th round.

"I really thought I had him out of there", Wilder said afterwards. I'm just a fighter, I'm not the judges.

Fury recovered well however and regained his composure to resume where he had left off.

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