Vladimir Putin says briefed Donald Trump on Ukraine, wants fuller talks

Vladimir Putin says briefed Donald Trump on Ukraine, wants fuller talks

Vladimir Putin says briefed Donald Trump on Ukraine, wants fuller talks

President Trump and Russian leader Vladimir Putin had an "informal" conversation at the Group of 20 Summit in Buenos Aires on Friday, the White House said. In Putin's case, other world leaders have expressed concern over Russia's recent seizure of Ukrainian ships and their crews near Crimea.

Yesterday, a top economist from Yale warned the United States "could be entering a Cold War with China" over trade. "If the domestic situation and the pressure from Russophobes like Ukraine and its sponsors prevents the USA president from developing normal ties with the Russian president...we will wait for another chance", Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said, adding that "love can't be forced". Kiev says the Russian forces opened fire on its vessels after they had turned around and were heading away from the strait into the open wars of the Black Sea.

"China should change its practices and come into the community of responsible trading nations", Kudlow said, stressing that he considers the United States economy in far better shape than China's to weather a prolonged trade war.

"The questions that we have to discuss are very important".

If the two countries do not arrive within that period to agree on the "structural changes" in their trade relations, in particular with regard to transfers of "forced" technology and intellectual property, "the customs duty of 10% will be increased to 25%", warned in a press release the american presidency.

President Donald Trump was also talking trade and other hot-button global issues with German Chancellor Angela Merkel - a leader he says is "highly respected by everybody, including me".

"The war will continue" in the rebel east of Ukraine as the current Ukrainian authorities "will remain in power", Saturday hammered Vladimir Putin. I think we have a very good relationship, and I think we're going to have a very good relationship with Russian Federation, and China, and everyone else.

Putin has accused the Ukrainian government of provoking an incident as a distraction from domestic problems. He said he would wait for the results of a report from his national security team before deciding.

He and Mr Trump will meet later for talks over dinner, it has been announced. "Maybe it will happen in 2020 when the next US presidential election is held and he will no longer have to constantly look back at those who engage in anti-Russian rhetoric". But Trump has dismissed this, prompting an outcry from opponents and even some allies in Congress.

The announcement was made by White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders on Saturday as the summit closed.

"The Kremlin is further testing the strength of the global order", Poroshenko said Saturday, alleging that Moscow is waiting to see whether the worldwide community will allow Russia to assert that the Sea of Azov and Black Sea are Russian territorial waters.

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