Saudi Crown Prince Arrives In Algeria

Saudi Crown Prince Arrives In Algeria

Saudi Crown Prince Arrives In Algeria

Bin Salman is under intense scrutiny after a team of 15 Saudis murdered journalist Jamal Khashoggi in his country's consulate in Istanbul on 2 October.

"Leaders should not just offer warm words against human rights atrocities but back up their words with action", he said, citing Germany and Norway as countries who have stopped selling weapons to Saudi Arabia, when Britain has not.

In over 400 messages sent between the pair over the course of a year, Khashoggi and Abdulaziz conceived plans to mobilize the Saudi youth against Bin Salman by creating an "electronic army" to fight the state's propaganda.

The powerful prince and his large delegation were seen being greeted on a red carpet at Algiers airport by Prime Minister Ahmed Ouyahia and members of his government.

They said the "whole world is certain that he ordered a awful crime against the journalist Jamal Khashoggi". She and the Crown Prince sat stony-faced as they met in Buenos Aries on Saturday.

Host President, Argentina's Mauricio Macri, opened the summit with a call for "dialogue, dialogue and dialogue.' European Council President, Donald Tusk, similarly told journalists that he wishes to "appeal to the leaders to use this summit, including their bilateral and informal exchanges, to seriously discuss real issues.' Many leaders did meet with MbS in some capacity to discuss trade deals, the situation in Yemen and the murder of Khashoggi, including the United Kingdom's Theresa May and China's President Xi Jinping".

To make matters worse, the New York-based Human Rights Watch had gotten an Argentine judge to investigate the de facto ruler of the oil-rich country over his alleged involvement in the Khashoggi murder - a hypothesis backed by a Central Intelligence Agency report - and what the group called "apparent war crimes" in Yemen.

After being told not to worry, the French president said: "I do, I am anxious".

Mrs May told MPs: 'I met Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, first to stress the importance of a full, transparent and credible investigation into the awful murder of Jamal Khashoggi, and for those responsible to be held to account - a matter which I also discussed with President Erdogan. The announcement was made in the presence of the Crown Prince and the Mauritanian president.

On Friday, May's office said the prime minister stressed to Salman the importance of ensuring those responsible for the "appalling murder" of Khashoggi are held to account.

"There are many different ways to show your rejection of this fellow by either ignoring him, or meeting him and raising questions about Yemen and Khashoggi", Jose Miguel Vivanco, the executive director of group's Americas division, told The Washington Times.

Urging Saudi authorities to cooperate with their Turkish counterparts, Mr. Conte underlined guarantees he said he had received that the investigation would help solve - rather than cover up - the case.

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