Royal brothers and wives to spend Christmas with the Queen

Royal brothers and wives to spend Christmas with the Queen

Royal brothers and wives to spend Christmas with the Queen

When asked for comment on the allegation that the whole tense almost year-long argument between the Duchess of Cambridge and the Duchess of Sussex began when Meghan spoke rudely to one of Kate's staff and Kate had a go at her for it, Kensington Palace simply told The Sun: 'This never happened'.

There's already speculation over Meghan Markle's birth plan.

The 37-year-old may even opt for a home birth, which was previously a tradition in the royal family.

While Prince Harry reportedly insisted Meghan Markle could get whatever she wanted while planning their wedding, it appears the former actress had quite a few requests turned down.

The last time something similar occurred was when Harry and Meghan were first romantically linked and the United Kingdom press had a field day, prompting Kensington Palace to issue a statement defending Meghan on Harry's behalf.

According to Royal sources, that argument with Meghan left Kate in tears.

Princes William and Harry and their wives will spend Christmas with the Queen this year.

Alahna Kindred, a journalist for Express, noted the fact that Prince Harry was once very close to Middleton before he started dating Markle.

The Duchess of Cambridge and Meghan Markle attend Christmas Day Church service past year. "One of my own favourite meals is collard greens, black-eyed peas cornbread - a meal I would look forward to throughout my childhood", she said. In her first-ever interview, Mrs Middleton confessed her love for Christmas trees - admitting she has as many in the house as possible for the festive season.

As far back as last Christmas Meghan complained that not all members of the royal family had made her feel welcome, reports The Sun.

Referring to William and Mr Matthews, a hedge fund manager, she said: "I have two lovely sons-in-law and I hope I'll have a lovely daughter-in-law".

The magazine wrote that Prince Harry often reads newspapers (including The Sun, which broke the story that he and Meghan were leaving London), although his bride steers clear of the press.

"Harry and Meghan will be there with the Queen and Prince Philip".

"It escalated rapidly after Meghan complained to Harry that she had been "told off".

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