The Quick Read on Jeff Sessions' Resignation as Attorney General

The Quick Read on Jeff Sessions' Resignation as Attorney General

The Quick Read on Jeff Sessions' Resignation as Attorney General

Since then, Whitaker, who had been Sessions' chief of staff, has faced pressure from Democrats to recuse himself from overseeing special counsel Robert Mueller, based on critical comments he made about the investigation before joining the Justice Department a year ago.

That Donald Trump is now in a stronger position because a loyalist is ready to take the reins of the Mueller investigation. "I could say, 'That investigation is over".

He explained that Rosenstein is a witness in the investigation he's overseeing - and possibly even a "subject" or "target" - and he was centrally involved in the firing of former FBI Director James Comey.

Documents show that Acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker was on the advisory board of a Florida company fined $26 million by the Federal Trade Commission; chief intelligence correspondent Catherine Herridge reports.

Watch more from Dershowtiz above. "He has been the chief of staff to a recused attorney general".

"He's decided to make a change, and we'll take a look at who he sends up", said McConnell.

The personnel changes, which saw Mr Trump ask Mr Sessions to resign as attorney general just hours after the midterm elections, have triggered fears that the president is moving to restrict the Russian Federation probe.

Despite Trump's current distancing himself from Whitaker, two Republicans close to the president said he had enjoyed Whitaker's TV appearances and the two had struck a bond.

Activists are demanding that Whitaker recuse himself from managing the investigation as well, saying he has his conflicts of interest.

Acosta, however, has already been confirmed, is seen as less of a headache than some others under consideration and is aligned with the Federalist Society, which has deep ties to the White House and top Senate Republicans.

She added that the Trump administration had been "compliant" with the investigation and that she "can't really blame" the president "if he doesn't" meet with Mueller.

On Saturday Night Live this week, Robert De Niro returned to play Special Counsel Robert Mueller again to say goodbye to former Attorney General Jeff Sessions, played once again by Kate McKinnon.

Nadler said Whitaker held "ridiculous legal opinions" and concluded "he's totally unqualified".

Rallies were staged across the Tampa Bay area on Thursday to support special counsel Robert Mueller, whose investigation into Russian interference with the 2016 presidential election may be in jeopardy.

Senate Democrats were pondering suing Trump, the sources said, on the grounds that, in naming Whitaker, the president ignored a statutory line of succession at the Justice Department and deprived senators of their constitutional "advice and consent" role on some presidential appointments.

"You ignored the statutory line of succession", Schumer said in a November 9 letter to Trump.

Mr Whitaker's appointment left many anxious that Mr Mueller could be shut down before he concludes his investigation.

At the same time, Mr Trump appeared to distance himself slightly from Mr Whitaker.

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