Apple redesigns the iPad Pro, breathes new life in the MacBook Air

Apple redesigns the iPad Pro, breathes new life in the MacBook Air

Apple redesigns the iPad Pro, breathes new life in the MacBook Air

There's this weird sort of fervor that surrounds the MacBook Air that I've never fully understood. Bezels have been reworked from the previous' silver matte to a glossier black color, and are 50 percent smaller. Well, the Geekbench database is getting populated with scores from the newest iPads, and the highest-end model with 6GB RAM decimates everything out there - your old laptop included. Charging the old model required the cap to be removed and the nib to be inserted into the Lightning port of the iPad.

However, the fact that it's even close is a massive endorsement for the processor R&D department inside Apple, and a sad indictment of the state of the latest MacBook notebooks produced by the company. The device comes at a starting price of Rs 1,14,900 in India. A new butterfly keyboard.

Reviewers around the world are weighing in on the all-new iPad Pro. A primarily touch-screen interface is still alien to many workflows. Both come in silver and space grey and weigh 468g (11-inch) and 631g (12.9-inch). It also has USB-C support and a 264-PPI screen resolution.

"The iPhone's adoption of ToF will create the new AR experience and improve photo quality", he wrote. It is powered by the company's latest, top-of-the-line A12X bionic chipset, which Apple claims to be even more powerful than that of the Apple's iPhone XS, and XS Max.

Intrepid journalist took one for the team and tested the theory out, and the outcome was just as wonderful as we could have ever hoped - yes, the iPad Pro does indeed have enough magnetic pull to attach itself to a fridge. There is also a new Smart Keyboard Folio with a streamlined design that's adjustable for increased versatility. The one before only shielded the front.

There will be two angles for different viewing types.

The single-core score of the Retina MacBook Air surpasses all 12-inch MacBooks (3500 to 3900 depending on chip) and is within reach of base 2017 and 2018 MacBook Pro models (4300 to 4500). Each has upgradable versions of course.

Well, what are the major hardware announcements that you are excited about on the 30th October event?

Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood will be available on the machine with enhanced graphics, alongside an NBA 2K basketball title. While this was a great first step for drawing and other simpler tasks on the go, the AutoCAD team wanted to provide best-in-class data fidelity for their customers on the mobile platform.

As always, each Apple product intends to keep users within its ecosystem.

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