Why Mel B cried after Spice Girls reunion announcement

Why Mel B cried after Spice Girls reunion announcement

Why Mel B cried after Spice Girls reunion announcement

Speaking of Victoria, she may have screwed her old girl band in more ways than one.

"Yeah, I think it is tough, because obviously, she's a huge part of the band", Mel C said.

In a characteristically classy move, Posh Spice has wished her former bandmates well, following the announcement of a 2019 Spice Girls reunion tour.

The news we've all been waiting for.

But no, it turns out that the Spice Girls were actually saying yes in three different languages.

Mel C was quick to point out that she was "fibbing". "We're going into the studio next week".

"We all really support each other. We want our fans from back in the day to enjoy it, we want new fans that we get introduced to all the time.it'd be lovely for those people to see us on stage".

Victoria Beckham will appear with the Spice Girls when they play Wembley next year. claims bandmate Mel B. They better add some US dates, right?

Emma said: "There's no plans for Glastonbury but we should though". Mel B answered: "Me, because I'm divorced".

"Ha! This is how I feel right now! Well, because she was still talking, of course. if she'd kept her mouth shut for five minutes, it might not have flown in!"

She added: "All we wanted to do was spread the message of women supporting other women, no matter what you look like, what background you come from". "I know, boulder holders", she joked, "I'm Granny Spice!".

Replying to the question "who needs the money the most?"

Mel B, who recently went through an acrimonious divorce with Stephen Belafonte, admitted: "Clearly I don't, never have done, never will". "I'm quite rich. I'm just doing it because I love you girls".

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