Samsung to Introduce its New Android Pie Beta Program at SDC, 2018

Samsung to Introduce its New Android Pie Beta Program at SDC, 2018

Samsung to Introduce its New Android Pie Beta Program at SDC, 2018

Samsung has already dropped hints about its foldable phone but it has stopped being coy about it when it changed its social media profile images into a folded Samsung logo. The Royole can supposedly withstand 200,000 folds without damage, but even that's with a design that doesn't fold fully closed. If the reports are to be believed then the company might release its first foldable smartphone as early as November 7, 2018.

Lee Kyeong-tae, Samsung vice president for mobile communication, said last week the phone's user interface will be unveiled at an annual conference for app developers which will take place in San Francisco on Wednesday. It is being further said that the company might name the upcoming mystery foldable smartphone as Galaxy F. Apart from the foldable design the Galaxy F will also sport a secondary display at the rear similar to that of the Nubia X which recently made its debut in China. The handset is rumoured to have two displays of 7.3-inch and 4-inch size respectively.

Despite a folding phone from Samsung being rumored every year since 2013-including a Samsung-produced concept video in 2014- it seems like foldable phones are finally ready to become a reality.

World Wide Worx MD Arthur Goldstuck says: "Folding phones are clearly still a gimmick but, more significantly, they represent a major advance in technology that will come into its own as use cases evolve".

"First, Samsung needs to show foldable smartphones are commercially viable".

There have been teasers from all the large smartphone manufacturers, notably LG and Samsung, that this is something they are working on. As this is the company's, of course, the South Korean giant Samsung's first foldable smartphone, that's why it plans to build a few units to see if there is market demand or not. Reports also suggest that the new smartphone will feature an OLED screen and will be powered by an intel chip.

The FlexPai uses Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 series SoC, which brings impressive and industry-leading AI to the device.

We'll have a better sense of just what Samsung has planned for its foldable phone by the end of this week.

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