OnePlus 6T hits the stores

OnePlus 6T hits the stores

OnePlus 6T hits the stores

Given the company's semiannual release cycle, the OnePlus 6T isn't really meant for OnePlus 6 users, and some of the 6T's newer features like Nightscape are even being made available for older devices.

That having been said, it's very likely OnePlus we'll make it available to us, considering that it did so with the other colour variants of the OnePlus 6 after the initial launch.

The OnePlus 6T is now available in the United Kingdom in two different colour variants, Midnight Black and Mirror Black.

Just yesterday, the rumored Thunder Purple version of the OnePlus 6T quietly popped up on OnePlus' Chinese website, revealing both the storage loadout and the pricing of the device, which would sell for the equivalent of ~$519 in China. The device also comes with dual cameras, although the secondary doesn't do much.

The OnePlus 6t has hit the shelves this morning following its announcement a week ago.

Further, the colour variant appears locked to the 8GB RAM with 128GB storage option, which starts at $769 CAD. You can head over to their website, regardless if you are from the USA or another place, and select the color options and storage of your choice. Sorry the break bad news to you, but the company revealed the Thunder Purple paintjob will remain exclusive for China and now has no plans of bringing it to any other Western market, the United States included. However, you can also buy the OnePlus 6T from T-Mobile.

Other than the difference in colors, the Thunder Purple variant shares the same specs as the Midnight Black and Mirror Black variants.

OnePlus has announced the rollout of the latest update for its latest flagship smartphone in the market, the OnePlus 6T. Up front, there's a 16-megapixel selfie camera with f/2.0 aperture and fixed focus.

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