IPhone XR sales reportedly kill production boost plan

IPhone XR sales reportedly kill production boost plan

IPhone XR sales reportedly kill production boost plan

Apple launched three new iPhones this September with the cheapest of three smartphones- iPhone XR- coming with a starting price of $749 (Rs 76,900 in India).

You can manually check for the software update on your connected iPhone. This has led the company to cancel a so called "production boost" for the model.

Citing unnamed sources, the Nikkei Asian Review reported on Monday that the company would halt plans for additional production lines for its new iPhone model, sending shares of the smartphone manufacturer's suppliers across Asia lower. Instead, insiders in the supply chain claim, there'll be no need for its iPhone XR manufacturing capacity to meet Apple's holiday season forecasts. The reduction is to affect around 100,000 units per day, which will no longer be produced.

The site compared the average monthly after-tax wages of residents in the largest cities in 61 countries to the local cost of the base iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR to come up with how many work days it would take someone in each region to afford one. They are "suspending plans to ramp up production and awaiting further instructions from Apple".

Five years ago, Apple cut production orders for its plastic-backed iPhone 5C a month after its launch, fueling speculation of weak demand for the model. Apple is still selling the previous generation iPhone and is now producing it again in larger quantities.

Note: Make sure the Apple Watch is on the Charging pad during the entire installation procedure and also make sure it is near the companion iPhone connected to Wi-Fi. These phones are about 20 percent less expensive than the iPhone XR.

Interestingly, the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus have had orders increase by more than 5 million units.

Of course, given how new the iPhone XR is, along with the fact that Apple recently made a decision to withhold its quarterly iPhone sales figures, we may never actually know how well or how poorly an iPhone model is selling again. Now its primary customer has advised it does not require more.

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