North Ogden, Utah Mayor Killed in Afghanistan

North Ogden, Utah Mayor Killed in Afghanistan

North Ogden, Utah Mayor Killed in Afghanistan

In a press release, the Utah National Guard said an unnamed guardsman was killed in Kabul Saturday in "an apparent insider attack" by an Afghan soldier.

Major Taylor had taken leave from his position in North Ogden, a city of about 20,000 people, to serve with the Utah National Guard in Afghanistan.

They say Brent Taylor was in the country to train Afghan commandos and was shot Saturday by one of the trainees at the Kabul military training center.

A second US service member was wounded in the attack, but is expected to recover.

The mayor of a Utah city until his deployment was identified as the USA servicemember killed after what North Atlantic Treaty Organisation called an "apparent insider attack" in Afghanistan. Brent Taylor's smile beamed from his room in Afghanistan, as he logged on in September and watched his pajama-clad baby girl at home in Utah learn to walk.

Taylor became the city's mayor in 2013.

He served two tours in Iraq as a convoy security commander and as an adviser to an Iraqi intelligence agency.

The unexpected death of Taylor, who was months from finishing his tour and is survived by seven children and his wife Jennie, drew an outpouring of grief in Utah and on social media late Saturday.

The Tribune reported that on the day of his deployment in mid-January, North Ogden police escorted Taylor and his family around town as hundreds of residents lined the streets to see him off. Gen. Jefferson S. Burton, the adjutant general of the Utah National Guard.

But Utah Lt. Gov. Spencer J. Cox wrote on his Facebook page that Taylor has been killed. "His service will always be remembered".

As of last week, 2,401 US military personnel have been killed and 20,422 have been wounded since the beginning of the Afghan War in October 2001.

"For me personally, Brent typified, really, the citizen soldier who served so diligently in his community, as well as felt this call to wear a uniform and serve wherever the nation needed him to go", Burton added, his voice cracking ever so slightly.

But the insider attack on a high-level security meeting in Kandahar that was attended by Miller shocked the U.S. military, whose generals seldom face attack and are rarely wounded.

USA military officials say another service member whose name hasn't been released is being treated for wounds sustained in the attack.

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