Woman dubbed 'South Park Susan' in racist viral video faces additional charges

A woman whose racist rant at two black women was filmed on video that went viral has "voluntarily turned herself in" at the Sunset Beach Police Department on the NC coast, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police said in a statement late Saturday.

Westwood seen questioning and wanting to know why the two other women were in the parking lot outside of the apartment building.

- The woman who became known as "South Park Susan" after a video she was in went viral turned herself in to police.

One of the sisters lived at the complex where the incident took place. But, Westwood continues to berate them, repeatedly asking, "Do you live here?"

"I'm in front of my home, my vehicle is dead and I'm calling AAA and this lady is bothering me".

Westwood was also heard claiming to have a concealed carry permit and threatening to "bring out" her weapon.

Westwood has also been fired from her job at Charter Communications.

Facebook Susan Westwood, 51, turned herself into the Sunset Beach Police Department on Saturday after being wanted on charges related to the October 19 incident. Officers said Westwood called 911 to falsely report attempted break-ins near her home before leaving the scene, according to Charlotte station WBTV.

"Nobody breaks their auto down in the best part of society. I'm sorry to have to do that out loud, but nobody breaks their vehicle down here on goal unless they're looking for money", Westwood told the dispatcher.

Her pleas were met with shock, even from the 911 dispatcher. She then accuses the women of "trying to break into apartments" and "causing problems", the Observer previously reported. "Just get them out of here!"

"Westwood adds she'd pay "$2,500 to get them out of here. "Right now. I will", Westwood says.

Westwood also cursed at the dispatcher during the call. Westwood was sacked from her job after the video became public.

Police charged Westwood with misusing 911, communicating threats and simple assault, but couldn't find her to serve the warrants. Westwood has since bonded out.

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