Elementary School Teachers Dressed As MAGA Border Wall For Halloween

Elementary School Teachers Dressed As MAGA Border Wall For Halloween

Elementary School Teachers Dressed As MAGA Border Wall For Halloween

Since-deleted photos posted to the Middleton School District's page showed one group of teachers dressed as a brick wall, one waving a USA flag and another dressed as an eagle, and another group wearing sombreros, carrying maracas and wearing fake mustaches.

One of the now-deleted photos shows six teachers wearing patriotic outfits and standing behind fake-brick panels that make up a wall bearing President Donald Trump's 2016 campaign slogan.

"Regardless of the intent of a teacher's actions in the classroom, we must focus on and give weight to the impact of such actions on the students who rely on teachers and other school officials for guidance and support throughout their educational experience", the ACLU of Idaho said in a statement.

On Saturday, Middleton School District Superintendent Josh Middleton announced that the staff members identified in the photos have been placed on administrative leave. In the video, Middleton offered his "sincerest and deepest apologies" and said the teachers planned the costume without the school's knowledge.

Middleton added: 'We already have district administration looking into the matter first thing this morning. Screenshots of the pictures were posted across social media and went viral, sparking outrage from the Hispanic community, activists and others. "Was there a poor judgment involved?"

The photos are now circulating across Facebook and Twitter with parents and Treasure Valley residents.

The Idaho DACA Students Facebook group denounced the Halloween costumes in a Friday morning Facebook post, shared via Elizabeth Almanza, a member of immigrant advocacy group PODER (Protecting our Dreams and Empowering Resilience) of Idaho.

He continued: "Do I think there was a malicious intent in these poor decisions?"

The pictures and subsequent backlash come as the November 6 midterm elections approach, where immigration is a theme.

Middleton, Idaho, is about 20 miles northwest of Boise, with a population of 7,400. Data from Idaho Ed Trends, which is managed by Idaho Education News, shows that 12.9 percent of Middleton Heights Elementary students are Hispanic/Latino. They should be fired'.

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