Olympic bid headed to November 13th plebiscite

Olympic bid headed to November 13th plebiscite

Olympic bid headed to November 13th plebiscite

The recommendation followed a behind closed doors meeting of the Committee yesterday.

The Calgary Herald reported that on Friday Nenshi, who was surprised by the federal government's announcement, wrote to Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau explaining "If we can not come to a mutually agreeable conclusion by Monday, I deeply regret that I will have no choice but to request that Calgary City Council cancel the plebiscite and thus terminate the bid; an event none of us want..."

With no agreement reached, the Assessment Committee recommended the Canadian city withdraws from contention.

In terms of how the process all played out, ending with an overnight agreement from the federal government, councillors are still confident to trudge forward.

The deal is said to mean CAD$4.4 billion (£2.6 billion/$3.4 billion/€3 billion) into the local economy creating jobs, prosperity and growth. Calgary is a world-class city.

"This is a proposal that makes sense and is a good deal for Calgarians", said Scott Hutcheson, BidCo board chair in a statement.

"I think for what we have to do to build infrastructure in the city moving forward".

But even as he urged council to permit the Olympic bid to proceed at least until the November 13 plebiscite, Hutcheson blasted councillors for threatening to "undermine" a process that started almost three years ago.

"A home Games in 2026, will inspire a new generation of Olympians and Paralympians and show the world once again the best of Canada".

Hutcheson claimed he has listened to thousands of Calgarians over the last couple of months - many supporters, others with a different view.

In Italy, a bid that was quickly stitched together between Milan and Cortina in order to meet an application deadline remains unorganized and without a promise of government funding.

This all comes after a revised funding plan to work with after a deal was brokered by BidCo with the provincial and federal governments.

"We have a proposal from the federal government that does not move beyond their 50 per cent and is in 2026 dollars, which does not add up to the money required to host the games".

Calgary was the host city of the 1988 Winter Olympics. "I see very little in today's letter that will change my vote".

At least 10 votes will be required to terminate the bid since it's considered a "reconsideration" of a previous council decision and therefore requires more than a simple majority of votes to pass.

The dream of hosting the 2026 Winter Olympic Games in Calgary hasn't faded to black just yet.

Advance voting for the plebiscite is scheduled for Monday and Tuesday.

We have a team of journalists at City Hall reporting live as council debates the future of the Olympic bid. The International Olympic Committee will select a winning bid next year.

Mayor Naheed Nenshi wasn't ready to call Calgary's bid for 2026 dead Tuesday.

"With current, formal polling reflecting 64 per cent "no", the Council should be leery of pushing ahead with a troubled bid that Calgarians simply don't want".

NoCalgaryOlympics claimed that the funding agreement added to the concerns.

She pointed to the fact there are no more open houses hosted by the city between now and the vote and highlighted that mail-in ballots are already out.

"The agreement under consideration appears to bring in other budgeted programme elements unrelated to the Olympics into the Calgary 2026 budget".

"We have unbelievably serious questions to ask that are about due diligence with public money", he said.

"It doesn't matter if it's a good or bad bid - it matters if Calgarians understand the context in which they would be taking on this high risk, mega-project".

Members of the public had been due to vote on the issue in a plebiscite on November 13, when a no vote would have also all-but ended the bid.

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