Nintendo Switch Just Outsold Gamecube's Lifetime Sales

Nintendo Switch Just Outsold Gamecube's Lifetime Sales

Nintendo Switch Just Outsold Gamecube's Lifetime Sales

Nintendo has sold more Switch consoles in 15 months than it did GameCubes over that device's entire lifetime.

The Switch Online launch has met expectations internally at Nintendo, though the takeup of the US$20 or equivalent annual subscription was higher than the company anticipated.

Switch sales have also already passed lifetime sales of the Wii U, which maxed out at 13.56 million units.

In its report for the six months ended September 30, Nintendo revealed that Switch has sold 22.86 million units so far.

Nintendo launched the Switch back in March 2017, and the console sold 17.79 million units during its first year on shelves. And the older GameCube sold just under 22 million units over a period of six years. "From the beginning we decided on a target that would be challenging to reach, not easy", said Nintendo President Shuntaro Furukawa following the results. "The holiday season battle begins now". Nintendo didn't really have any major new releases during this period, either, with Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker and a Labo Vehicle Kit being the only first-party highlights.

Still, remakes and indie titles aren't compelling enough for most people to buy a new console. Quarterly sales, meanwhile, rose to ¥221 billion ($2 billion) from ¥220 billion, behind company estimates.

Nintendo hasn't announced a new Mario Kart for the Switch, but it is working on one for smartphones. First up, we have Pokemon: Let's Go, Eevee and Let's Go, Pikachu! on November 16, which is followed on December 7 by the system seller that is Super Smash Bros. Its newest mobile title Dragalia Lost was released on September 27, resulting in minimal contribution to the quarter.

My take as a lot of this is too clandestine to make a definitive statement on: the 3DS rocks and if it died tomorrow it lived a good life.

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