Nintendo Switch has passed the GameCube in lifetime sales

Nintendo Switch has passed the GameCube in lifetime sales

Nintendo Switch has passed the GameCube in lifetime sales

The hybrid console has sold 22.86 million units to be exact, nearly 10 million more than its predecessor the Wii U, which managed 13.56 million lifetime sales over its four-year lifespan.

Traditionally, the final quarter of the calendar year accounts for a large portion of video game and video game hardware sales. In the case of the Nintendo Switch portable console, the game has been downloaded by almost half of all the brand's now existing Switch users. The company would have to do much better this year to hit its goal. In total, the device has seen almost 1,000 releases so far this year, up from about 400 in 2017, according to fan site Perfectly Nintendo.

Almost 23 million Nintendo Switch have been sold since it's launch.

Almost half of all Switches have downloaded Fortnite so far, suggesting a total download count of approximately 11 million. These are impressive numbers to go alongside Switch's impressive console sales numbers. Now, according to a new report from Nintendo, the Switch's lifetime sales just surpassed those of the GameCube.

For the upcoming holiday season, Nintendo is counting a major lift from Super Smash Bros. Nintendo announced in July that it had sold 19.67 million units worldwide as of June 30. The Wii's packed-in "Wii Sports" was its top-selling title, but "Mario Kart Wii" was the top-selling non-bundled game for the system. The Switch is missing out on one of the strongest third-party lineups in years, including blockbusters like Red Dead Redemption 2 and Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, which won't be available on Nintendo's device due to its limited graphical power. Both values are drastically below year-on-year, but that's to be expected.

Nintendo's operating profit for the second quarter was up about 30 percent, to $274 million.

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