The Switch has surpassed 22M units in lifetime sales

The Switch has surpassed 22M units in lifetime sales

The Switch has surpassed 22M units in lifetime sales

It seems that Fortnite Battle Royale is much, much more popular on Nintendo Switch than you may have originally thought.

The firm said it hopes to grow sales of the Switch further by "continuing to introduce compelling new software". Super Mario Odyssey has sold over 12.17 million units in its first full year.

Joining the many juicy nuggets of information revealed by the recent financial briefing, Nintendo has shared graphical sales representations of the Switch's evergreen titles, showing just how strong and important these sales are to the company.

Nintendo sold 3.19 million Switch consoles worldwide in the September quarter, up from 2.92 million units in the same period a year ago, reaching a lifetime total of 22.86 million units for the hybrid home/mobile console, surpassing the 2001-2007 era Nintendo GameCube in cumulative sales. Nintendo still expects to ship 20 million units by the end of March, 2019. The sales surpassed 500,000 units in Japan in four weeks - outpacing Sony's PlayStation 4 over the same time period - and surpassed 1 million units in Japan by June 25. Of course there were popular non-Nintendo titles made for the GameCube - hello, Resident Evil franchise - but the most popular games for the console were nearly invariably first-party. The outcome fell short of analysts' estimates but qualified as the company's best quarterly result in eight years.

Still, Nintendo doesn't seem phased, and believes upcoming releases like Super Smash Bros. Its newest mobile title Dragalia Lost was released on September 27, resulting in minimal contribution to the quarter. If any first-party Nintendo title in the world were to boost the Switch into Wii-like numbers, I think it'd be that one.

In its eighth year, the 3DS continues to make a lot of money, despite the overall decline. In May, Pokemon Co. announced it would no longer release games on the handheld device, moving the best-selling franchise to the Switch.

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