Nintendo and Sony tussle for top-selling console in 2018

Nintendo and Sony tussle for top-selling console in 2018

Nintendo and Sony tussle for top-selling console in 2018

Joining the many juicy nuggets of information revealed by the recent financial briefing, Nintendo has shared graphical sales representations of the Switch's evergreen titles, showing just how strong and important these sales are to the company.

"Sales of other popular titles that were released during previous fiscal years and titles released by other software publishers continued to grow, bringing the total number of million-seller titles during this period to nine", Nintendo said.

The Switch Online launch has met expectations internally at Nintendo, though the takeup of the US$20 or equivalent annual subscription was higher than the company anticipated.

The Kyoto-based game giant reported net profit for the 6 months to September of 64.6 billion yen ($574 million) on sales of 388.9 billion yen, which were up 4.0%.

Over its lifetime between 2001-2007, the GameCube managed to sell a very respectable 21.74 million units. While this means the system will need to sell much better in the second half of the year, the console seeing a Pokémon and Smash Bros release - not to mention that Christmas is coming up - should help considerably with those numbers.

Nintendo additionally announced that it has now sold 73.53 million Nintendo 3DS consoles and 371.16 million software units for the 3DS.

Furukawa added that Nintendo's growth also relied on "more focus on online play", and "more genres and diverse games to draw in people who don't now play on Switch". Sales and operating profit came in below analyst estimates according to Bloomberg.

The Nintendo Switch had outsold the Wii U console, which has sold 13.56 million units worldwide, as of December 31.

We've known the Nintendo Switch was going to be a big seller from the day it launched, with Nintendo reporting soon afterwards it was the company's fastest-selling console. "The holiday season battle begins now".

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