IOS 12.1 supports dual-SIM, group FaceTime, and stops ‘fixing’ selfies

IOS 12.1 supports dual-SIM, group FaceTime, and stops ‘fixing’ selfies

IOS 12.1 supports dual-SIM, group FaceTime, and stops ‘fixing’ selfies

However, according to the iOS 12.1 release notes, the new update "adds a performance management feature [.] for iPhone X, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus".

Originally announced and beta tested as part of iOS 12.0, Group FaceTime saw a slight delay that pushed it back into iOS 12.1.

The dual-sim compatibility was one of the most sought-after features of the new iPhones.

iOS 12.1 adds over 70 new emoji, including people with different hair colours such as red and grey, as well as bald people.

Apple released their fifth beta of iOS 12.1 last week, we normally would expect a sixth beta but it looks like the final version of the software will be released tomorrow the 30th of October. That means it'll support up to 32 users at once - more importantly, it'll automatically feature the person that's speaking so your giant calls don't descend into chaos.

Start Group FaceTime straight from a group Messages conversation or join an active call at any time.

To start your FaceTime call, tap the Audio or Video buttons. As a reminder, at 10AM EST, Apple will be holding its second special event this fall (after the September iPhone Xs event) where we are expecting to see the new 2018 iPads and MacBooks.

The software update was 470.2MB when checked by MyBroadband on an iPhone X. Once a Portrait photo is saved in your library, this depth control feature can be accessed from Photos' edit mode.

The company earlier confirmed to The Verge that it will fix the over-smoothing effect in selfies deemed as "Beautygate" by many. Instead of choosing a frame with a short shutter speed to freeze motion and preserve detail, it would sometimes choose a frame with longer shutter speed. It is also available for TrueDepth front-facing cameras.

In other words, yes skin smoothing was a real phenomenon, but it was unintentional and only applied in certain situations.

Apple is finally bringing Dual Sim support to iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR.

In all three of the 2018 iPhones, there is a physical nano-SIM slot as well as an eSIM slot which will allow users to use more than one carrier off their device. eSIM won't be readily available through all operators and the current list only include 14 operators, of which only 2 are available in India.

First, jump into the Settings menu.

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