Venom bites head off October box office record

Venom bites head off October box office record

Venom bites head off October box office record

Both movies helped bring in a total $174 million in North American ticket sales this weekend, setting an all-time record for October, as reported by THR. The previous record-holder, Alfonso Cuarón's sci-fi thriller Gravity, had earned 55.7 million dollars.

Box office stats courtesy of Box Office Mojo.

"Venom" pulled off its big box office success despite some terrible reviews.

A quick check of Rotten Tomatoes reveals Venom at 31% with 67 Fresh reviews to 152 Rotten, but the audience score is quite the opposite coming in at a strong 89% with over 22,000 votes. In stark contrast to the overall critical reception, the audience score on the review aggregator is almost 90%.

Its foreign gross is now at $127,152,882, which gives the flick a current worldwide box office gross of $217,039,981. All of which suggests the aliens are going to absolutely love the Venom/A Star Is Born cross-over film someone is frantically pitching as we speak. It features the scene from the film in which Ally and Jackson sit at a diner table writing the lyrics to what would eventually become "Look What I Found", while also finding time to lovingly gaze at each other. Always a good sign.

However, only one film can be #1 at the box office, and Variety reports that honour goes to "Venom", with the Tom Hardy-starring Marvel movie scoring an impressive $80 million domestically in its opening weekend, and a worldwide tally of $125.2 million.

A bankable Oscar-bait movie and a hit superhero flick?

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