Kanye West goes on a freakish rant in the Oval Office

Kanye West goes on a freakish rant in the Oval Office

Kanye West goes on a freakish rant in the Oval Office

"He might not have thought he'd have a insane mother-fucker like (me)".

But fans are not happy about the social media stunt, which came after the artist made headlines for his outspoken support of USA president Donald Trump on Friday. "We are one country".

When reporters started asking him questions, he quickly responded. "It was meant for problems like Chicago".

Stop-and-frisk was used extensively in New York City until it was deemed unconstitutional because of its impact on minority residents. "I just channeled it", the musician said, adding - to gasps from presidential staff - that Trump "might not have expected to have a insane motherfucker like Kanye West supporting him".

"I'm open-minded, I'm here".

If you thought Kanye West would have air-tight security you couldn't be further from the truth. "They [Chicago residents] respect this guy". "I think it would be cool to have Trump factories", he suggested.

Added West: "If he don't look good, we don't look good". "Not legal guns. We have the right to bear arms".

Trump not only relies on a heavily white political base but is locked in an ugly dispute with several black NFL football players who have knelt down during the playing of the USA national anthem to protest racial inequality.

West credits Trump with stopping a potential war with North Korea and is encouraging Trump to swap his usual Air Force One jet for a hydrogen-powered plane.

"I tell you what, that was pretty impressive", the president said.

West replied: "It was from the soul". Police officers are just like us, he said.

It's no secret how much Kanye says he cares for and admires the president, whose MAGA hat that was introduced on the campaign trail in 2016 has become the rapper's go-to fashion statement.

He criticized liberals who are pressuring him to oppose Mr. Trump.

'Now you got a situation where we need to have a dialogue and not a diatribe because if you want something to change, it's not going to change by saying, "Fuck that person".

Trump's daughter Ivanka Trump and son-in-law and adviser, Jared Kushner, also attended the lunch. "That won't stop me". A "smart cookie". Which is pretty underwhelming considering you've just branded yourself a insane motherfucker.

"Only after him in 2024", Kanye said. "We don't have the reparations, but we have the 13th Amendment".

Both Brown and West have been vocal supporters of the president. I'm meeting him Wednesday night for dinner. He recently wore a "Free Hoover" sweatshirt in promotional material ahead of his controversial appearance on "Saturday Night Live".

Fox News notes that "Ray J is a musician who is more known for his role in an infamous 2003 sex tape with West's wife, Kim Kardashian, that was made long before West and Kardashian began their relationship".

Trump raised her case again Thursday as an example of why the prison system needs urgent change.

Kanye's visit, accompanied by NFL football great Jim Brown, may be the best political advertising he can get. "I love this guy right here", West said. He moved around the Resolute Desk and hugged the president, who was still seated.

When asked by a reporter if West, who has teased a presidential run in the past, was a viable candidate for commander-in-chief, Trump said that the rapper "could very well be". "That's from the heart".

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