Yankees' Sabathia on ump Hernandez: 'Absolutely terrible'

Yankees' Sabathia on ump Hernandez: 'Absolutely terrible'

Yankees' Sabathia on ump Hernandez: 'Absolutely terrible'

"He's absolutely bad", said Sabathia, who gave up three runs on five hits over three innings, with two walks and a strikeout. "He was bad behind the plate today". He entered the game in the ninth with a three-run lead, loaded the bases, allowed two runs, nearly gave up a walk-off grand slam to Gary Sanchez, before finally getting Gleyber Torres on a grounder to third to wrap it up. If caught, Kimbrel could've been removed from the game, but the Yankees never pointed it out to the umpires.

Sabathia continued to express his frustration, adding that it was "sad" that Hernandez was chosen as the umpire for playoff games.

Hernandez's Game 3 performance at first base was a different story - he was terrible (like, so bad) - but in this case, Sabathia made it too easy for Porcello to call him out.

Hernandez also missed a call at second base in Game 2.

Sabathia said he thinks there should be a way to remove an umpire from other games in a series after having a poor performance.

But Price did have some success in his two starts against the Astros in the regular season, going 1-0 while allowing five earned runs over 12.1 innings of work.

"Throw the ball over the plate, CC". He did the unthinkable and complimented Angel Hernandez in the process. "You gotta get the ball over the white part of the plate and then you get the strikes called".

"Major League Baseball needs to do something about Angel", Martinez said.

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