Pixel 3 XL On Sale In Hong Kong Ahead Of Launch

Pixel 3 XL On Sale In Hong Kong Ahead Of Launch

Pixel 3 XL On Sale In Hong Kong Ahead Of Launch

The Google Pixel Stand leaks point to a wirelessly charging stand for the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL. Google said the second camera means the Pixel captures 184 percent more of a scene than the iPhone XS.

The Google Pixel 2 started at a price of around Rs 61,000 and the Pixel 3 is expected to be slightly higher than its predecessor.

Improvements to the camera are one of the central focuses for the Pixel 3, with artificial intelligence and smart software features at the forefront. It is called a complete Handset Retail Box in my way. That being said, the Google "Bonito" smartphone rumor had surfaced recently, suggesting that the company may announce tiny smartphone as well, a phone that is smaller than the Google Pixel 3. Last year's Google Pixel phone was lauded for its awesome camera and vanilla Android software and the latest generation is building up on that.

Alphabet Inc's Google unveiled on Tuesday the third edition of its Pixel smartphone, its first tablet computer and a new Google Home smart speaker that includes a display. Thankfully, come Tuesday, the Pixel 3 leaks will stop, as the phones will become official.

The devices feature 5.5-inch and 6.3-inch screens, and are available for pre-order immediately, with six months of YouTube Music, Google's new music streaming service.

For storage, both models will come in 64GB and 128GB variants without support for expandable storage.

Both phones feature a glass back and wireless charging capabilities - a first for the Pixel line. Dubbed Google Home Hub, the new AI-powered smart speaker will boast a display akin to the Amazon Echo Show. At the front, the phones gets a dual 8MP camera setup with super wide secondary camera. I agree with Evan though, the wallpaper seems to be a bit underwhelming - it is possibly the stock photo wallpaper but not what Google will have set as the default wallpaper for users.

The Pixel 3 and 3 XL will differ in screen size and resolution, battery capacity, weight, and dimensions.

Moreover, in another leak by a tipster through ChromeUnboxed, a picture of the Blue-coloured Pixel Pen that additionally shows up on the past report can be spotted. The phones are available for pre-order now and ship October 17. Titan™ Security protects your most sensitive on-device data by securing your lock screen and strengthening disk encryption. All the keys are rounded, and there is a dedicated button to launch Google Assistant.

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