More Cities Deciding Not To Celebrate Columbus Day

More Cities Deciding Not To Celebrate Columbus Day

More Cities Deciding Not To Celebrate Columbus Day

The release concluded, "In honor of those who have served in the military, the City of Columbus will be closed on Veteran's Day on Monday, Nov. 12, 2018".

President Benjamin Harrison started celebrating Columbus Day in 1892 to mark the 400th anniversary of Columbus' landing in the Bahamas.

Columbus isn't alone. More people are instead opting to celebrate the alternative Indigenous Peoples' Day, according to USA Today. Indigenous people had been living there for centuries by the time Columbus arrived in 1492.

In recent years other cities, such as Austin, Los Angeles, Denver, Santa Fe, Portland, Oregon, St Paul, Seattle and dozens of others, have done the same. It was commissioned more than 130 years ago by an English-born businessman named Henry Shaw, who was reportedly appalled by the way Italian-Americans were being treated by American society and wanted to help the community integrate and gain acceptance. It's important to remember that if you deposit a check into an ATM on Columbus Day, it may take until the next business day to process.

Tyrone Smith, the director of the Native American Indian Center of Central Ohio, said the city's move to not celebrate Columbus Day is "a victory for everyone".

While Columbus Day is still a holiday, there are some states that do not celebrate or acknowledge the day. But organizers of the Columbus Italian Festival think they just wanted to be politically correct in the wake of last year's national push to abolish the longstanding holiday.

"Christopher Columbus was an agent of and continues to be a symbol of the genocide of the indigenous peoples of the Americas", Elissa Washuta, a protester and member of the Cowlitz Indian Tribe, told the Columbus Dispatch in August 2017.

The day-long commemoration began with a sunrise ceremony by native American residents, some in traditional dress, followed by a 5-kilometre run through downtown led by City Councilman Mitch O'Farrell, himself a member of the Wyandotte Nation who grew up in Oklahoma.

After King contacted the mayor's office, Mayor John Hamilton decided to make a mayoral proclamation in support of Indigenous Peoples' Day, according to an email to King from Elizabeth Walter, executive assistant in the Office of the Mayor.

"We have a number of veterans who work for the city, and there are so many here in Columbus", a city spokesperson said, according to the paper.

Columbus Day has been a federal holiday since 1934.

Although Spain sponsored his voyage, Columbus was, in fact, a proud citizen of the Italian City of Genoa. The Columbus Day Italian Parade still continued as usual Sunday. His backers celebrate his place in history, and his Italian heritage.

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