Letter from South Africa: What Melania could have seen

Letter from South Africa: What Melania could have seen

Letter from South Africa: What Melania could have seen

However, her trip has not been without controversy. She revealed that she wishes people would stop worrying about her wardrobe.

Trump expressed some transparency with reporters in Egypt about her husband President Donald Trump's own Twitter comments.

Stormy Daniels may get an embrace from Anna Wintour, but Melania Trump still has the Great Pyramid of Giza. Several on social media alleged that Trump and her husband are out of touch with modern Africa and only know the region through various stereotypes. It must then go to the presidential palace, according to the egyptian press. Photo credit: Africafeed.comMelania Trump with school kids in Kenya.

On Friday, she visited the Nairobi National Park in Nairobi, Kenya, where she was spotted wearing a white blouse, brown riding trousers, boots and the white pith helmet - which is associated with colonial rule across Africa, The Guardian reported.

Ever since she became the First Lady, Melania Trump has been at the center of criticism many times, especially for the way she dresses. The first lady is visiting Africa on her first big solo worldwide trip.

After facing backlash for her contentious choice, in a rare move, the first lady broke her silence. President Trump has been quoted as saying immigrants from Africa came from "shit-hole countries", though he has denied making the remark.

The four-country trip was a coming out of sorts for the first lady in the world stage. "I want to talk about my trip and not what I wear". She listened in solemn horror as a guide told her the history of Cape Coast Castle, a slave fort in Ghana, and laughed as she was almost knocked over by a baby elephant she was bottle-feeding at a sanctuary in Kenya. The U.S. Agency for International Development has been working with the Egyptian government on lowering groundwater levels to prevent additional damage to the landmarks.

"Thank you for what you do and taking care of them", Mrs. Trump said, while holding a baby girl originally handed to her wrapped in a blanket bearing the logo of Be Best, the child welfare initiative she launched this year and is promoting during this week's Africa visit. The first lady also witnessed the handover of a batch of textbooks donated by a US global developmental agency.

However, the Trump administration has proposed a raft of austerity measures to curtail U.S. funding of various programmes aimed at helping poor countries across the world.

When asked in Africa for her thoughts on the sexual assault case against Brett Kavanaugh, who her husband picked for the Supreme Court, she said little more than she is "against any kind of abuse or violence".

Mrs Trump was in Malawi for a few hours after arriving from Ghana.

The US first lady has been criticised for choosing to wear a pith hat while on safari in Kenya, after its connections to colonialism.

Back home, Washington was in turmoil, but the first lady had something on her mind.

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