Kim Jong-Un invites Pope Francis to visit North Korea

Kim Jong-Un invites Pope Francis to visit North Korea

Kim Jong-Un invites Pope Francis to visit North Korea

The North Korean leader, Kim Jong-un, has invited Pope Francis to visit his country, according to South Korean officials.

Kim did not provide further details regarding any plans for the North Korean leader to formally invite to the Pope to North Korea.

"Most importantly, both the leaders believe there is real progress that can be made, substantive progress that can be made at the next summit and so we are going to get it at a time that works for each of the two leaders and at a place that works for both of them", he said.

In May, Pyongyang failed to follow through with its promises to allow inspectors to assess its demolition of Punggye-ri in what has become a roadblock in the country's denuclearization commitment.

"The supreme leader expressed his will and conviction that a great progress would surely be made in solving the issues of utmost concern of the world and in attaining the goal set forth at the last talks with the projected second DPRK-U.S. summit talks as an occasion", KCNA reported.

While Kim's actions since have fallen short of Washington's demands, the Trump administration is preparing for a second summit. Senior ruling party officials turned up for the game, but North Korean leader Kim Jong Un didn't attend.

After a period of frosty ties, Kim Jong Un has visited China three times this year and traditional proclamations of friendship between the two neighbors have been resurrected.

State Department spokesperson Heather Nauert said Sunday, "Secretary Pompeo and Chairman Kim also agreed to instruct their respective working-level teams to meet soon to intensify discussions on the key remaining issues to deliver on the Singapore Summit Joint Statement".

As part of his delegation to Pyongyang, Pompeo brought along Stephen Biegun, his special representative to North Korea and the diplomat expected to take on more of the day-to-day negotiating with Kim's regime.

"There's a lot of logistics that will be required to execute that", Pompeo told a news briefing in Seoul before leaving for Beijing, where the frosty tone of talks will raise worries about China's willingness help maintain a tough USA -led sanctions regime on North Korea.

Pompeo did not say when inspectors would be allowed to Punggye-ri, and the State Department did not respond when asked if they would be Americans or others from global nuclear bodies. We continue to make progress on agreements made at Singapore Summit.

Pompeo replied that it was "important that we listen to each other, work through and find constructive solutions so we can find a good outcome for both our countries". Pompeo was in Tokyo for talks with Japanese officials ahead of his trip to North Korea. But immediately after the news, the Vatican press office released a statement confirming that the pope would receive South Korea's president in an audience at the Vatican on October 18.

Pompeo declined to comment whether there was progress on a shutdown of the Yongbyon site. Catholic priests are prohibited in North Korea.

"We would fundamentally change the nature of North Korea's relationship with the rest of the world", Secretary Pompeo told press in South Korea Oct. 8 after the meeting with Kim.

Last week, U.S. Vice President Mike Pence made a series of allegations, including accusing Beijing of attempting to interfere with the November congressional elections.

On a more positive note, Wang said China was still willing to solve the trade dispute with the United States through negotiations, "but they must be conducted on an equal, honest and serious basis".

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