On Africa trip, First Lady reveals a Trump-like side

On Africa trip, First Lady reveals a Trump-like side

On Africa trip, First Lady reveals a Trump-like side

First Lady Melania Trump ended Saturday in Egypt africa tour marked by a photo session with baby elephants or of the pupils, away from the hustle and bustle policy that has roiled Washington.

Touched on MeToo. She said she thinks Kavanaugh is "highly qualified" and "I'm glad Dr. Ford was heard".

On Thursday, her husband tweeted: "Our country's great First Lady, Melania, is doing really well in Africa".

Jason Burke explains in The Guardian that 19th century European explorers and imperial administrators in Africa, parts of Asia and the Middle East wore pith helmets, which were later incorporated into the uniforms of colonial military officers.

Mrs Trump's visit to Kenya was the third stop on her Africa tour, which began on Tuesday in Ghana.

The jacket also caused debates that provoked the American president to explain that she was sending the message to "Fake News Media" and not the detained kids.

The first lady wearing a pith helmet. Sometimes he listens and sometimes he doesn't, but I have my own voice and opinions, and it's very important to me I express what I feel'.

In response to comments surrounding the hat's negative connotations, Melania lashed out at the press tracking her African tour, speaking out in defence of her choices.

The white pith helmet she wore as she passed by zebras, giraffes and other animals in Nairobi National Park made headlines, as Africans accused her of being insensitive by wearing the hat that was often donned by colonisers of tge continent.

"I want to talk about my trip and now what I wear", she said, according to CNN.

"I don't always agree with what he says and I tell him that", the first lady told reporters Saturday against the backdrop of the Great Sphinx before she headed back to Washington.

The First Lady laughed as she admitted she's told her husband to put the phone down amid one of his famed rants.

She later visited an orphanage before meeting over tea with Kenyan first lady Margaret Kenyatta and taking in a children's dance performance at the National Theatre in Nairobi. One or two people who appeared to be Secret Service agents quickly used their hands to support her, but she soon went back to petting the elephants.

The First Lady of the USA showed off a tan-and-white look while exploring Egypt. "It's a attractive thing to see", he tweeted.

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