Africans love my wife - Donald Trump

Africans love my wife - Donald Trump

Africans love my wife - Donald Trump

The wildlife conservation is located in the capital city of Nairobi, and is considered to have the best elephant rescue and rehabilitation program in the world.

The First Lady was photographed wearing a Pith helmet, also known as a safari helmet, while traipsing around the Nairobi National Park on Friday afternoon, where she was also photographed feeding orphaned baby elephants.

She went directly to Chipala Primary School in Lilongwe, where she watched teachers carry out lessons to help the students learn English and the Chichewa language.

"When people think of Africa, they have these standard narratives", Dionne said.

She opened this portion of her visit with a safari in the Nairobi National Park, an activity that allowed her to highlight wildlife conservation efforts in the region.

First lady Melania Trump walks with singing children as she visits the Nest Orphanage in Limuru, Kenya, Friday, Oct. 5, 2018. "It is a handsome thing to see", Mr Trump tweeted on Thursday, 4 October. The interview, filmed during Trump's solo trip to Africa, with ABC News will air during a 20/20 special next week.

Mrs Trump flew into Kenya on Thursday evening, after visits to Malawi and Ghana.

She is now in Malawi and will end up visiting Kenya and Egypt to complete her week-long visit to Africa.

Melania began her African adventure earlier this week when she touched down in Ghana.

Donald Trump had earlier in an infamous comment referred to African nations as "shithole countries".

Melania: What should I wear on my Africa trip to pay tribute to the culture and history of my hosts?

The protestors who lined up on the M1 road near police headquarters at Area 30 carried hoisted placards which had messages critical on the impact of the United States president Donald Trump's decision to cut health care funding to Africa in general and Malawi in particular.

She also saw a site of an ivory burn that's meant to discourage poachers.

First lady Melania Trump looks out over Nairobi National Park in Nairobi, Kenya.

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