Teeswater Bruce County Farmer Explains USMCA Trade Deal News Centre News

Teeswater Bruce County Farmer Explains USMCA Trade Deal News Centre News

Teeswater Bruce County Farmer Explains USMCA Trade Deal News Centre News

Dairy farmers across the Maritimes say the trade agreement will not only limit their exports, but that the quality of milk produced in the US just isn't comparable to what is produced in Canada because of our higher standards.

While Nelson said this agreement won't solve all the problems plaguing the dairy industry, it's a start.

The new deal will see Canada's duty-free amount go from $20 to $150, meaning Canadians shopping for U.S. goods online will not have to pay duty on purchases that are $150 or less.

Both Ontario and our partners to the south succeed when we can trade easily. Younger farmers are wondering if this will affect their industry long term.

Collins has fought to end Canada's Class 7 pricing program, which he said has severely impacted NY dairy farmers.

Increased access to Canadian markets for dairy products was a major point of contention in trade talks, as was the termination of Class 7 pricing. Specifically with regard to the dairy industry, he said, Canada's pricing program has created an unfair playing field and has essentially eliminated USA exports of certain dairy products, harming Western New York's dairy industry.

The Canadian supply management system provides quotas for the amount of milk each dairy farmer can produce, limiting overproduction in Canada that can lead to lower prices. Some will wind up in teas; some will end up in yogurt. "Now more than ever, Canada needs a universal, single-payer prescription drug program to cancel out the impact of mounting costs on Canadian families", said Yussuff. "So by eliminating that, we're hopeful that those products will again be allowed to be exported into Canada".

Access to Canadian dairy was a focus through the negotiations.

"With supply management, I can't exactly sell my milk internationally", Bos said.

"The unfortunate part is that it is obviously a guarantee, and it's a guarantee that it is going to negatively effect the dairy industry in Canada", said Dietrich.

Under the deal, Canadian exports of milk protein concentrates and skim milk powder - ingredients in cheese and yogurt - can not exceed 55,000 tonnes in the first year, and 35,000 tonnes in the second, before exporters pay an export tax.

"I don't need their milk production anymore", he said.

While analysts have described USMCA as not significantly different overall from its NAFTA predecessor, some consider the opening up of the dairy market as a concession on Canada's part. The keeper was Chapter 19, the nation to nation dispute resolution mechanism under which a country that felt another was playing unfair could take their concerns to a panel made up of members of both countries.

In a statement made Monday, the groups thanked the Trump administration for fighting against Canada's practices, but also called the change "incremental". "Certainty a threat to have deadline to me is an arbitrary deadline, but I'm not going to second guess the Canadian negotiators until we had a chance to really go through this agreement", said Angus.

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