Microsoft Windows has a new best friend... called Android

Microsoft Windows has a new best friend... called Android

Microsoft Windows has a new best friend... called Android

The global roll-out will happen in phases. But in the future, Microsoft says that they will expand the functionality to include use of any app on your Android phone within Windows. This includes the "Your Phone" feature, which will allow users to mirror an Android device to a Windows 10 PC, providing access to apps, texts and regular notifications.

Microsoft's official solution for installing a Windows 10 Feature Update is to run a manual check for updates. You can surf the web on your iPhone then send the webpages instantly to your computer to pick where you left off. It's not exactly going to be a great experience for iOS.

As part of the improvements for the default firewall available in Windows 10, in this updated version of Windows Security, you'll also find minor additions, such as the ability to add rules for windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) processes when using the default firewall in Windows 10. It's also coming to Android phones, too via Microsoft Launcher.

Once you've downloaded the Update Assistant, just double-click it to begin. To do this click in the search box in the taskbar, type "Check for updates", and once in the control panel click the "Check for updates" option.

Bookmarks, history, downloads, and more live in the redesigned Hub menu in Microsoft Edge. It's a little thing, but probably useful to many.

In this release, Microsoft made Settings easier to navigate, putting commonly used actions front and center, and providing more ways to customize the browser toolbar. Line Focus helps you highlight particular areas on screen, perhaps when you're showing off content to a class.

Windows 10 already keeps a record of everything you copy, including text and images, with the Clipboard feature. It's cross-platform and gives you more accurate autocorrections by learning how you write. The dictionary also works offline for English, French, German, Italian and Spanish. If you're dying to have it now, though, you can go into your PC's settings and have it check for updates, per the instructions from Microsoft here.

HDR is created to bring better contrast and colours to content that supports it. Windows 10 was meant to support it, but it rarely worked properly. You can now sketch slides in PowerPoint and they can be translated into slide designs automatically.

Microsoft is making a number of its threat intelligence services available via a single console view with Microsoft Threat Protection as of this release. To-Do works with Office 365 and also now (it synchronises using your Microsoft Account). The developers posted that ray-tracing tech would be added to Lara's latest adventure "in a post-launch update", but that doesn't appear to have been pushed live yet.

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