Canadian firm proposing class action lawsuit against Facebook over breach

Canadian firm proposing class action lawsuit against Facebook over breach

Canadian firm proposing class action lawsuit against Facebook over breach

Facebook said they have reset the access token to nearly 50 million accounts that they know were affected by the breach.

Ireland's Data Protection Commission has demanded more information from Facebook about the scope and nature of the breach to determine how many European Union residents were affected and the risk to users, according to the Wall Street Journal.

In a statement this evening, the Commission said that Facebook has assured it that the company will be in a position to provide a more detailed breakdown of affected accounts soon.

Facebook has more than two billion users worldwide.

Facebook announced Friday that up to 50 million accounts were breached in a security flaw exploited by hackers.

The social media giant is also now under scrutiny for having confessed to giving advertisers access to user's two factor authentication (2FA) details.

Attackers managed to bypass Facebook security and potentially gain control of user profiles and linked apps, which Facebook discovered last Tuesday and made public on Friday.

"We've identified and removed fake accounts ahead of elections in France, Germany, Alabama, Mexico and Brazil", Zuckerberg said. If you've ever used Facebook's "View As" feature, you'll know it was created to make you feel like you had control of your privacy (LOL, in light of this next part).

Facebook's latest dilemma has forced the company, once again, to explain why it has allowed its users' personal information to be compromised.

Australia's Notifiable Data Breaches scheme, which started in February this year, requires organisations to notify affected individuals whose personal information is involved in an eligible data breach.

"I won't be putting any information that I don't want people to see social media", Fernandez said.

The fallout from the hack could cost Facebook dearly.

"This attack exploited the complex interaction of multiple issues in our code", Facebook disclosed, according to Newsmax. The security tokens are like the virtual keys that let you stay logged into your Facebook account without having to enter the password every time you use the app.

If you use Facebook to log into other services - like Instagram or Tinder - then Facebook hack attackers may have stolen all of your profile info, photos, private messages and more. "Zuckerberg and Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg have testified before Congress on steps the company is taking to protect the privacy of its 2.23 billion monthly active users".

Recent college graduate Dahiana Fernandez has had Facebook for years.

Anyway, Facebook has since now patched the vulnerabilities and revoked the affected access tokens that were stolen by hackers. While the Central Bureau of Investigation has launched an inquiry over the Cambridge Analytica scandal, Facebook-owned WhatsApp has been under government scrutiny over the spread of fake news and rumours on its platform, which led to mob violence and killings in the country.

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