How the Waffle House is used to determine a hurricane’s fury

How the Waffle House is used to determine a hurricane’s fury

How the Waffle House is used to determine a hurricane’s fury

(If so, it will be the first storm of that strength in the southeastern coastal region.) A state of emergency has already been declared in the Carolinas and southern Virginia, and a million people have already evacuated their homes.

A green index means a Waffle House is open and offering a full menu. Opened and serving a limited menu, that's yellow.

A closed Waffle House restaurant is seen on September 13, 2018 in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. The restaurant chain, famous for staying open even through major disasters, seems to have kept the vast majority of its restaurants in operation as the storm approaches.

But Waffle House is different - so different, in fact, that the Federal Emergency Management Agency actually pays close attention to which restaurants the company decides to close during a hurricane or other disaster. Disaster responders still use this index to this day.

"The Waffle House test just doesn't tell us how quickly a business might rebound - it also tells how the larger community is faring", FEMA said in a 2011 blog post.

Waffle House holds the FEMA test as a point of pride.

The restaurant tweeted a photo Wednesday of employees at the corporate office in Norcross siting around a table monitoring the storm's path as they determine if any locations will need to close. The company has a reputation for never closing and even has a group of restaurant managers known as "jump teams" that travel to storm-stricken areas to help franchises continue operating. If locations in the affected area are forced to close, the index is red - and because Waffle Houses are very prepared, this is the rarest scenario.

At least one location in Myrtle Beach South Carolina had shut its doors by Wednesday night, Eater reported. "Because they've seen it many times in the past and they've learned from it and they have a really good playbook".

When a storm strikes, local officials will put out a call to the nearest Waffle House and find out what's on the menu. "The sooner restaurants, grocery and corner stores, or banks can re-open, the sooner local economies will start generating revenue again - signaling a strong recovery for that community". "You haven't found the bad stuff yet".

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