The truth about Serena Williams' US Open drama

The truth about Serena Williams' US Open drama

The truth about Serena Williams' US Open drama

Despite the drama that plagued their final set, Osaka and Williams put on a beautifully unified front during the awards ceremony, with Williams even whispering affirmations to Osaka before the game ended.

"She said that she was proud of me and that I should know that the crowd wasn't booing at me", Osaka said.

Voices in the tennis world have spoken out both in support and condemnation of US tennis champion Serena Williams after the angry outburst that cost her a game, and possibly the match, during her US Open final on Saturday.

Count US Open men's champion Novak Djokovic among those who believe chair umpire Carlos Ramos went too far in issuing three rules violations against Serena Williams in the women's final.

Now, a more detailed analysis of the past 20 years of grand slam events has revealed a long-term split of 1,534 to 526.

Swinging by The Ellen DeGeneres Show Wednesday to discuss the experience of winning her first-ever Grand Slam title, Osaka also chose to open up about what she was thinking when the controversy began to unfurl on the court. She later was fined $17,000 ($10,000 for verbal abuse, $4,000 for the coaching violation and $3,000 for racket abuse). "You owe me an apology". Williams was already down, and ultimately lost the final. "I think it's a matter of having a conversation with the two guys and saying let's cut it out, let's slow it down, and then perhaps not understanding how they can have the same conversation with the females. I find it interesting that she did it only when she was losing".

But the International Tennis Federation defended Ramos and said in a statement that his "decisions were in accordance with the relevant rules" and that he "acted at all times with professionalism and integrity". "We have to treat each other fairly and the same".

"I would say a championship match in terms of high-level talent on the court between those two ladies... obviously Naomi deserved to win and she played incredible", Curry told Omnisport. It's a delicate situation, but "a la carte" arbitration does not exist.

"Don't you worry about me!" he added.

In the brief interview with his native-country paper, he did not talk much about the match itself, but said he has received hundreds of messages of support from family members and current and former players.

Ramos is scheduled to umpire matches in the Davis Cup, which starts in Croatia on September 14.

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