Six people killed in Bakersfield shooting spree

Six people killed in Bakersfield shooting spree

Six people killed in Bakersfield shooting spree

Kern County officials said the deadly spree became after the man and his wife got into a fight with another man at a trucking business.

They learned that a husband and hi estranged wife showed up at the trucking business to confront a man at the business.

So far, the Wednesday night shooting is being viewed as a case of domestic violence, Kern Country Sheriff Donny Youngblood said at a news conference Thursday.

The husband then hijacked a vehicle with a woman and child inside on Fillmore Avenue in Bakersfield. No names were released.

Authorities are interviewing 30 witnesses and processing multiple crime scenes to piece together what led up to the violence. The shooter commandeered a vehicle with a woman and a child inside.

Casarez likely took his ex-wife to the trucking company against her will and then fatally 50-year-old Manuel Contreras with a.50-caliber handgun.

It was also not known what had sparked the shootings, which saw all six people die in a short amount of time, Mr Youngblood said.

Sheriff's deputies say six people are dead, including a gunman, after a string of shootings in Southeast Bakersfield.

The gunman saw the deputy and pulled into a parking lot.

The sheriff says authorities are investigating how the other victims were involved. Javier Casarez shot the man and then turned the gun on his wife and shot her.

Police received their first call at 5.19 pm before responding to the first location, a trucking company, where the rampage began. When the officer approached the suspect, the suspect shot himself in the chest, the report said.

"This is the new normal", said deputy Donny Youngblood. Asked if this was a mass shooting, the sheriff said "absolutely".

KERO-TV, citing information from family members, reported Eliseo Garcia and his daughter, 32-year-old Laura Garcia, were two of the five victims of the Wednesday evening shootings in Bakersfield.

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