Cuomo-Nixon showdown in New York governor's race goes to voters

Cuomo-Nixon showdown in New York governor's race goes to voters

Cuomo-Nixon showdown in New York governor's race goes to voters

New York Democrats are poised to decide who prevails in the long and sometimes nasty primary fight between New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo and Cynthia Nixon.

She wants the two-term Cuomo, who has always been thought to have presidential ambitions, to re-establish his liberal bona fides for voters calling for change.

New Yorkers headed to the polls on Thursday to vote in primaries for statewide races, three months after the state voted for candidates in federal primaries.

Yet she heads into Thursday's vote trailing Cuomo in every single demographic group, the governor leading 63-22 percent, up from 60-29 percent in late July, according to the latest poll from Siena College.

Nevertheless, as the shock primary victory of democratic socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez over Joe Crowley in June proved, fortunes can change in a NY minute.

Nixon's platform is built on issues of housing affordability, universal healthcare, and criminal justice reform. It's most productive, ' she added.

Cuomo's campaign suffered a series of missteps over the last weekend of the race.

"Nixon has supported insidious BDS campaign, signing onto letter boycotting Israel", the aide said. "It's time to make it legal for everybody else".

But Nixon believes she can pull off an upset like other insurgent challengers have in Democratic primaries this year. In its editorial, the Times acknowledged the problems with the subway and Albany corruption, but said that while Nixon's message "that she is not Andrew Cuomo... seem [ed] an appealing truth", it was not "enough" to garner its support.

But the actress-turned-activist isn't running to liberalize Cuomo ー she's running to replace him.

Cuomo is the son of famed former NY governor and almost-presidential candidate Mario Cuomo.

The former Sex and the City star became the talk of the Twittersphere yesterday, when a video emerged of her ordering a cinnamon raisin bagel with smoked salmon, red onions, capers, tomato and cream cheese at Zabar's - an order that offended bagel and lox purists.

A campaign spokesperson said that Schwartz was reviewing campaign literature and did not flip the mailer over to see the "negative side" of it, only the other side promoting Cuomo as a friend of the Jewish community. Nixon has pledged to pass congestion pricing and a tax on the wealthy to pay for much-needed repairs to an aging infrastructure.

Thursday's contests in NY represent the final, and perhaps most sensational, opportunity for the national progressive insurgency to unseat a slate of powerful Democratic incumbents. But there's no denying the country's progressive wave. And despite Nixon's efforts, polls showed several key Democratic voting blocs remained loyal to the incumbent, including African-Americans, young voters and women.

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