Kerala nun writes to Vatican envoy against Jalandhar diocese bishop

Kerala nun writes to Vatican envoy against Jalandhar diocese bishop

Kerala nun writes to Vatican envoy against Jalandhar diocese bishop

However, the Bishop has refuted the allegations and accused "anti-church elements" of falsely implicating him. "We will fight. It was the church that forced us on to the streets".

George Joseph, the president of the Joint Christian Council, one of the groups organising the protests, accused senior politicians and church leaders of interfering in the case.

The entire nation was shocked when the news came out of a nun belonging to the Catholic congregation of Missionaries accused a bishop of rape multiple times.

In her lengthy letter, the nun also sought to explain her silence before coming out against the bishop and said she had "tremendous fear and shame" and wondered why the church was "closing its eyes to the truth".

Across Kerala, anger is rising that law enforcement has yet to arrest the bishop, despite multiple accounts against him.

She demanded removal of the Jalandhar Bishop from the post, alleging that by continuing in the position, Franco and his close associates "are using the wealth of the diocese to divert" the course of the police investigation.

Sister Anupama told the Times of India that "many times the sister was sexually abused by Bishop Mulakkal and we had reported it to the Nuncio; they didn't even send an acknowledgement on receiving our complaint". We have given clinching evidences also. He also questioned the morality of the nuns who protested in Kochi.

It is unclear as to why the accused has not been arrested despite the findings stated in the affidavit filed by the investigating officer.

"We condemn the act by the sisters of our congregation who are protesting outside the High Court".

Speaking to reporters in Jalandhar, the Bishop had said, "If I am found guilty, which I am not, I am likely to be punished..."

The Roman Catholic religious order, the Missionaries of Jesus, said in a statement on Monday that the protesting nuns were trying "to crucify an innocent man". The nuns, however, denied the charge against them, saying they were fighting for justice. "In the case of action within the Church, if she has given a complaint to the concerned forum, then I am sure that an investigation would be going on".

Bishop Mulakkal has claimed that he has been threatened and blackmailed by the nun's family.

Thiruvananthapuram, Sep 12: The Kerala police in an affidavit before the Kerala High Court said that the evidence available suggests that Bishop Franco Mulakkal committed rape repeatedly.

"According to me she isn't a nun". Police have questioned him on August 13 but failed to arrest him and to any further probe in the matter.

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