Has Henry Cavill Quit as Superman?

Has Henry Cavill Quit as Superman?

Has Henry Cavill Quit as Superman?

IS reportedly parting ways with its present Man of Steel, Henry Cavill.

Cavill first played Superman in 2013 in Zack Snyder's Man of Steel, where the hero committed a taboo by breaking character and killing General Zod. Despite this, a source suggesting that Cavill's Netflix signing came after the doors were shut on the Shazam! deal suggesting that the decision to discontinue Cavill's run came from Warner Bros. This seems unlikey, with many fans already thinking Warner Bros. shifted too far away from comic book canon with the recent Cavill films.

Cavill captions the video saying, "Today was exciting #Superman".

While it's certainly possible that Warner Bros. might consider a black retelling of the Superman legend (and who could be better for the lead than the versatile, endlessly charismatic Jordan?), there are other routes the studio could take.

The Irishman could face stiff competition for the part though with Michael B Jordan also thought to be in the frame for the role.

THR reports that the studio is looking to focus on Superman's cousin, Supergirl.

Ben Affleck will reportedly leave the role of Batman following Suicide Squad 2, and DC Films as a whole has a new boss following the commercial and critical disappointment of Justice League.

It is a little bit unfortunate, as while Cavill wasn't given great Superman movies to be in, he was a pretty great Superman independent of the stories his version of the character had been dropped in. I'm highly suspect that Warner Bros. would drop him from Superman just after they were trying to get him into one of their three upcoming films that are coming out within the next year.

As for that talk of Michael B. Jordan taking over as Superman in a couple of years, that's the Hollywood equivalent of how long it took baby Kal-El's ship to reach Earth from Krypton, so don't hold your breath. In addition to Shazam! and a Supergirl project, there's December's Aquaman and 2019's Wonder Woman: 1984.

After THR's report, The Wrap reporter Umberto Gonzalez also put out a piece confirming the news.

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