Dual-SIM iPhone Variant Leak Again in a New China Telecom Poster

Still, Apple has faced tight supply of the new low-priced model due to minor complications fitting backlights for the LCD screen, according to people familiar with the matter. The "S" name would be a return to form for Apple, which has a history of adding the letter "S" to iPhone models with updated components, new features and no major changes to the exterior design.

Apple is expected to introduce an updated version of its iPhone X, launched previous year, including a lower-priced version, reports 9to5Mac. It's just a name, so why does everyone care so much about what that 6.1-inch iPhone is going to be called? One reason for this choice is the fact that Face ID is the best facial recognition technology now available and it has been embraced by most users.

Any new iPad Pro is expected to reflect the change in design language introduced with the iPhone X a year ago, dumping the long-standing home button and Touch ID for gestures and Face ID. In reality, bigger iPhone models cost Apple more to manufacture than its smaller models. Other than the wearable, the firm has an eye on announcing the AirPower, a new low-priced MacBook, redesigned iPad Pros with thin bezels and Face ID, and a pro-focused Mac mini.

A second model, deemed "iPhone Xs Max" in some published reports, comes with a almost 6.5-inch screen.

The chances then are that Apple may decide to call the iPhone with the 6.1-inch screen simply the iPhone 6.1. It brings some weight to the fact that Apple is committing to the iPhone X moniker for a significant time in the future.

We say the XC will offer similar technology - it looks like the build quality, screen resolution and camera technology won't be as powerful in a bid to keep costs down. The Apple Watch Series 4 is expected to come with an edge-to-edge display with bigger screen size.

That's something that will allow more items to be shown on the display and everything to be that little bit more legible.

The well-respected analyst also expects the new Apple Watch 4 to sport a ceramic backside instead of composite glass and support advanced heart rate monitoring using electrocardiography (ECG). For those hoping that this feature of the handset will be rolled out to India, it appears that it may not happen and it is expected to be a China exclusive. This matches what we've previously heard.

What's that? A new tablet in the mix as well? We may also learn about a new generation of Apple Watches, iPad Pros, and possibly get a first look at the successor to the Macbook Air. The poster shows an iPhone model with a dual-SIM tray popping out. That's even bigger than the already massive Samsung Galaxy Note9.

With the Apple Launch Event right around the corner, anticipations and leaks are on the rise.

Supply chain analyst Ming-Chi Kuo released his predictions for Apple's event on Wednesday (via 9to5Mac), and some of them were pretty interesting.

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