Three children among five found dead inside Perth home

Three children among five found dead inside Perth home

Three children among five found dead inside Perth home

While violent crime with multiple victims is rare in the country, this was the second major incident in Western Australia this year.

"The WA Police Force will continue to apply our efforts to this matter as a priority, and the Homicide Squad will ensure a professional and meticulous investigation is undertaken", said a police statement.

Mr Steel added: "I can say there was at least one woman but I can't say more than that I'm afraid".

Assistant Commissioner Paul Steel provides media with the tragic news.

"It's sickening to think someone could do that".

"It's always been so calm and peaceful".

'They just seemed like a normal family, you would never imagine anything like this happening here, ' Mr D'Souza said.

"I am deeply saddened by what had happened today", she said.

"We actually left for shopping at 11 o'clock in the morning and the roads were actually clear", he said. "I had to take a different path to get home".

The property has been declared a crime scene and has been cordoned off from the public.

As a result, police attended a home on Coode Street in Bedford today and made the grisly find.

Neighbours have expressed shock at the news of the deaths, which included three children.

Police are expected to remain at the house for days while investigations are carried out.

The man is now in custody and assisting police with their inquiries.

He did not answer the question about whether weapons were found at the scene.

Maria Manfredini, a long-term resident in the area, described the incident as "tragic on every level".

Assistant Commissioner Steel assured the community there are no ongoing safety concerns.

The deaths follow the murder of a mother and her two children in Ellenbrook in July, and the Margaret River mass shooting that left seven people dead in May.

The children's grandfather, Peter Miles, was also found dead from a gunshot and three firearms belonging to him were found on the property.

When officers went to the house, they found Michelle Petersen and her son, Rua, dead, and her daughter Bella in a critical condition.

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