Harris puts Kavanaugh on edge with Mueller question

Harris puts Kavanaugh on edge with Mueller question

Harris puts Kavanaugh on edge with Mueller question

Sen. Patrick Leahy and Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

"I'm not sure all legal scholars refer to Roe as the settled law of the land at the Supreme Court level since court can always overrule its precedent", Feinstein quoted from one of the released documents.

Leahy said there were emails from Kavanaugh's time working for the George W. Bush administration that contradicted testimony he gave.

NYU Law Professor Melissa Murray told lawmakers Kavanaugh would provide the "necessary fifth vote that would utterly eviscerate" the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision establishing a constitutional right to abortion. Cory Booker (D-NJ) and other Judiciary Committee Dems - in theatrically inviting punishment for releasing previously withheld Kavanaugh docs - knew at the time that those documents had already been cleared by Chairman Chuck Grassley (R-IA) to be made public.

Pointed questioning by Harris, a former California attorney general and San Francisco district attorney, produced some of Kavanaugh's few moments of hesitation or uncertainty.

Planned Parenthood and its political arm, Planned Parenthood Action Fund, also organized members from around the country, Dana Singiser, vice president for public policy and government affairs at Planned Parenthood, told CNN.

All 21 senators were to have a chance to question Kavanaugh for 20 minutes on Thursday. That prospect worries Democrats and heartens Republicans on volatile issues including abortion, gun rights, gay rights, the death penalty, religious liberty and business regulation.

Senate Democrats mounted a last, ferocious attempt Thursday to paint Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh as a foe of abortion rights and a likely defender of President Donald Trump if he makes it to the high court.

In the case of hearings on Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, the Republicans have done everything they can to keep his views hidden - after all, they picked him specifically because of his stance on Roe v Wade and investigations into the POTUS.

Harris puts Kavanaugh on edge with Mueller question
Harris puts Kavanaugh on edge with Mueller question

Kavanaugh's opposition to Roe v. Wade is just the tip of the spear of his judicial extremism. "All of these documents belong to the people of the United States", said Connecticut Sen.

Democratic senators expressed concern about what they saw as Kavanaugh's expansive view of president powers.

Republicans argued that even discussing the documents in public was a violation. Booker had sought release late Wednesday, after questioning Kavanaugh on race and drawing rebuke from his colleagues for disclosing the confidential documents.

"So much is at stake, from the future of healthcare, to whether huge tax breaks and benefits will keep flowing to those at the top at the expense of everyone else, and more", Booker said in a statement.

Booker, 49, who previously served as the mayor of Newark from 2006 to 2013 before winning his U.S. Senate seat, called the upcoming election "the most important of my lifetime".

According to multiple sources, Cory Booker has placed four staffers on the ground in Iowa, helping Democratic candidates, as he moves to position himself for a potential presidential bid.

And what did he say when other senators across the aisle accused him of violating the rules? Dick Durbin (D-Illinois), too.

Senate Democrats have vowed a tough fight to block Kavanaugh. He has met privately with nearly all the Republican senators and one Democrat as supporters try to build momentum for confirmation.

The nine-justice court has until now been balanced between conservatives and liberals, with Anthony Kennedy considered the "swing vote".

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