Roy Moore sues Sacha Baron Cohen, Showtime for defamation

Roy Moore sues Sacha Baron Cohen, Showtime for defamation

Roy Moore sues Sacha Baron Cohen, Showtime for defamation

According to AAP and The Washington Post, the lawsuit was filed on Wednesday in the USA and accuses Cohen of smearing Moore's name and intentionally inflicting emotional distress. During the taping, Cohen waved a "pedophile detector" at Moore, which beeped, at which point Moore ended the interview.

During Moore's campaign for the senate a year ago, nine women came forward accusing him of sexual misconduct when they were teenagers. He has denied the misconduct allegations.

He is represented by Larry Klayman, the founder of Judicial Watch and Freedom Watch.

Former Alabama senate candidate Roy Moore appeared on 'Who Is America?' in July on the pretence of accepting an award for his support for Israel.

The lawsuit asks for $95 million in punitive and compensatory damages.

They are seeking $95m (£73m) in damages from Baron Cohen and from the Showtime and CBS networks.

Instead of the real producer of the show, which is called 'Who is America, ' was Showtime, owned by CBS. The suit, filed in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia, also names Showtime and CBS as defendants.

When the device beeped, Mr Moore stopped the interview and said: "I've been married for 33 years".

In the July episode, Cohen, disguised as the fake "Erran Morad", uses a metal detector that he claims "is used in schools and playgrounds" to detect pedophiles.

Roy Moore said he was duped into appearing on the show and was "falsely portrayed as a sex offender and paedophile".

Showtime has not been served with the complaint, a spokesperson told ABC News, declining to comment further on the pending litigation.

In July, Georgia lawmaker Jason Spencer, ridiculed for dropping his pants and using racial slurs on Who Is America?, said he would resign.

Besides Moore, former Vice President Dick Cheney, former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin and several others have been punked on the show.

They allege that "Defendant Cohen, while in character, falsely and fraudulently induces unsuspecting victims, like unsuspecting Judge Moore to be interviewed under dishonest, unethical, illegal and false pretenses, for his works".

Previously, even before the show had aired, Moore had issued a statement, conceding he had been pranked by Baron Cohen's "trickery, deception and dishonesty."

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