Alex Jones permanently banned from Twitter

Alex Jones permanently banned from Twitter

Alex Jones permanently banned from Twitter

Rightwing conspiracy theorist Alex Jones has clashed with Republican Senator Marco Rubio after a U.S. congressional hearing on social media and elections.

The news comes hours after a weird video emerged of Alex Jones and popular Republican politician Marco Rubio almost came to blows during a press conference. "I'm asking you not to touch me again".

The exchange became heated once Jones touched Rubio's shoulder, which prompted Rubio to say, 'Hey, don't touch me again, man'.

"You won't get arrested, I'll take care of it myself."
You're not gonna get arrested, man.

"You are literally like a little gangster thug", he said. "Rubio just threatened me". Outside in the hallway, InfoWars host Alex Jones took the opportunity to crash an interview with Sen.

Twitter has chose to permanently ban conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, who has a long history of provoking and harassing mass shooting survivors and victims' families, the company announced Thursday via its Twitter Safety account.

Jones, clearly relishing the successful provocation, said: "He'll beat me up!"

Rubio apparently trolled Jones by claiming he didn't recognize the man.

"Is that a heckler at a press conference?" asked Rubio, as Jones repeatedly interrupted a gaggle the Florida Republican was having with reporters during a break.

"You guys can talk to this clown", Rubio said to reporters as he turned and walked away.

"I know you've got to cover them, but you give these guys way too much attention", Rubio told reporters on Capitol Hill. Jones called the onetime presidential hopeful a "frat boy" and "little punk" and sounded incredulous as Rubio wondered who he was. Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey previously prevented Alex Jones' from being permanently suspended from the platform amid criticism from conservatives that the company was censoring them. The permanent suspension blocks Jones and InfoWars from their combined 1.5 million Twitter followers, which adds to the numerous supporters that now can't follow Jones' and InfoWars' content on other platforms thanks to previous bans and punishments.

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