Kavanaugh Hearing Interrupted by Protesters, Dems Call for DELAY — COURT CHAOS

Kavanaugh Hearing Interrupted by Protesters, Dems Call for DELAY — COURT CHAOS

Kavanaugh Hearing Interrupted by Protesters, Dems Call for DELAY — COURT CHAOS

A demonstrator shouts as Judge Brett Kavanaugh arrives prior to a hearing before the United States Senate Judiciary Committee on his nomination as Associate Justice of the US Supreme Court.

With Democratic senators repeatedly interrupting the Judiciary Committee's Republican chairman Chuck Grassley at the outset of the hearing and dozens of shouting protesters removed one by one by security personnel, the session quickly became a ruckus.

They are also up in arms that some 42,000 documents were released to the committee just on the eve of the hearing.

"We can not possibly move forward", said Sen.

When Grassley pressed on, speaking over Harris, her objection was reinforced by interventions from other Democrats, in a choreographed show of dissent from Democrats under fierce pressure from their grassroots voters to disrupt Kavanaugh's likely confirmation.

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Kavanaugh, a champion of gun rights, has been backed by the National Rifle Association, which announced in August that it was spending at least $1m on a national advertising campaign to support the judge's confirmation to the supreme court. "I don't decide cases based on personal or policy preferences". Republican Senator John Cornyn accused Democrats of trying to conduct the hearing by "mob rule".

If confirmed Kavanaugh would to move the Supreme Court firmly to the right.

If approved, he would be expected to tilt the court's balance to the right.

Kavanaugh is likely to be questioned about his views on investigating sitting presidents and Special Counsel Robert Mueller's investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 US presidential election and possible collusion between Moscow and Trump's campaign.

The nine-justice court has until now been balanced between conservatives and liberals, with Anthony Kennedy considered the "swing vote".

In total, the Democrats spoke out of turn and interrupted the hearing 63 times and complained about the withholding of documents 129 times, according to a tally kept by White House spokesperson Raj Shah. The court begins its next term in October.

Kavanaugh topped a list of 25 potential nominees put together by the White House in conjunction with conservative groups such as the Federalist Society and the Heritage Foundation.

While Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) has called such secrecy an attempted "cover-up", Schumer has come under fire from progressive groups for failing to pressure so-called moderate members of his caucus to vote against Kavanaugh.

Before ascending to the bench, Kavanaugh assisted in the investigation of President Bill Clinton, which led to his impeachment, and worked for five years in the White House as deputy counsel and staff secretary under President George W. Bush.

Pressuring Schumer to "do his job"-instead of helping his Republican counterparts ram through right-wing judges, as he did just last week-CREDO Action is planning to circulate a mobile billboard around Capitol Hill throughout the week".

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