Air leaking from Russian side of International Space Station

Air leaking from Russian side of International Space Station

Air leaking from Russian side of International Space Station

Air pressure on the International Space Station has been restored to correct levels after a leak was repaired.

Yesterday, Russian space organization Roscosmos and the European Space Agency broke the news that the International Space Station had sprung a leak. It seems a small meteor caused a "minute" pressure leak, reports AFP.

NASA and Roscosmos said that the team then performed tests and troubleshooting to figure out exactly where the leak originated from. "What is this: a production defect or some premeditated actions?" he asked. In April of 2013, Commander Chris Hadfield tweeted out a picture from the station, showing a small "bullet hole" in one of the solar panels.

"We have already ruled out the meteorite version", Rogozin said late Monday.

The hole is located in the upper, spherical section of the Soyuz, which does not return to Earth, according to NASA. The Russian cosmonauts had plugged the hole with the sealant and restored pressure aboard the space station by Thursday evening, after which the Mission Control Center outside Moscow gave instructions to suspend works until morning.

On 30 August, the astronauts on board of the Russian capsule had to patch a small hole that let air leak from the Space Station.

Russian space officials have said that the puncture was caused by a micrometeoroid, but NASA has not confirmed this.

The expiration gathers supplementary pressure on the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) to renew its capacity to shuttle US crew members back and forth to the orbiting lab. NASA is negotiating with Boeing Co. and SpaceX to develop new vehicles to transport astronauts, but the work has been troubled by relentless delays.

He added: "A micro-fracture was found, most likely it is damage from the outside".

"As flight controllers monitored their data, the decision was made to allow the Expedition 56 crew to sleep since they were in no danger", said a Nasa/ISS blog post. It sounds alarming, but flight controllers say the astronauts aren't in any immediate danger.

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