There are elections in Florida, Arizona, and Oklahoma today

There are elections in Florida, Arizona, and Oklahoma today

There are elections in Florida, Arizona, and Oklahoma today

But the races, especially in Arizona, will take on special meaning following the death of Sen.

All three Republicans had distanced themselves from McCain, who frequently feuded with Trump, and Ward suggested that his family's announcement on Friday that he was stopping medical treatment was timed to hurt her campaign. Jeff Flake, a Republican who clashed with President Trump and has one of the worst state approval ratings of any senator in the chamber.

McSally and Sinema both want the seat being vacated by Sen.

McSally, an air force fighter pilot, easily defeated Kelli Ward, a hardline former state senator, and Joe Arpaio, the former Maricopa County sheriff whose criminal conviction was pardoned by Donald Trump past year, when they split the anti-establishment vote.

The results could be mixed.

"It's a choice between a doer and a talker, between a patriot and a protester, between a career fighter pilot and a career politician", Ms McSally said to loud cheers at the Republicans' own election watch party.

A woman will serve as U.S. Senator for the first time in Arizona's 106-year history. Or would voters choose a return to the party's more mainstream, establishment values? A strong vote for McSally could discourage the governor from picking someone whose profile is dramatically different than McCain's.

Control of the Senate could also be determined by the November Senate race in Florida, which will pit term-limited Republican Governor Rick Scott against incumbent Democrat Bill Nelson.

Primaries for governor on both sides of the aisle may remind voters why Florida is still the nation's ultimate political battleground. Will President Trump's favorite, Ron DeSantis, win the Florida Republican nomination for governor? But Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam, the favorite of the in-state GOP establishment, has done his best Trump impression, with broadsides against "fake news" and dubbing himself an "NRA sellout".

Trump yesterday reiterated his support for DeSantis in a tweet. But Trump's surprise endorsement of DeSantis in December appears to give the congressman an edge heading into Tuesday's contest. If Putnam manages to win, he'll head into the general election with his handling of Trump leaving him exposed to critics on his left and right.

The Democratic gubernatorial field is the most crowded since 1978, the year Bob Graham eventually won the governor's race. The victor will be an immediate target of Republicans looking to keep control of the House.

Also in Tuesday's primary, Republicans nominated Gov. Doug Ducey for a second term and Democrats selected education professor David Garcia to challenge him.

Beyond checking the winners, primaries in Arizona and Florida will offer political observers plenty of data to plow through.

During the Republican primary, the candidates exchanged vicious insults while highlighting their closeness to the president. Petersburg area, home to two of the most populous presidential swing counties in the country?

The GOP Senate primary to replace Flake has pushed candidates to the right in order to woo voters, and that could hamper Republican efforts to hang on to the seat this fall. That means a close watch on how the Senate primary shakes out in the Phoenix suburbs.

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