State raises West Nile virus warning level

State raises West Nile virus warning level

State raises West Nile virus warning level

Chris Boling, the county's environmental health specialist, said he was informed by State Entomologist Bryan Price that a sample of mosquitoes taken August 10 tested positive for the disease. MS has reported 25 total cases.

Although few mosquitoes actually carry the virus, there a several things you can do to minimize your exposure and eliminate breeding grounds for mosquitoes.

"Mosquitoes like it when it rains, they are able to reproduce when we have standing water so the past couple days have been quite rainy there is that risk that the rain can bring along another hatch of mosquitoes". Wear long-sleeved shirts and long trousers when in mosquito infested areas.

MA health officials have taken the rare step of increasing the statewide risk level for West Nile virus. Bug repellents containing DEET or Icaridin should be used on anyone over two years of age. The public is encouraged to continue to alert district officials when they come across dead birds, so the district can track the spread of the virus. Residents should wear light coloured clothing, long trousers, long sleeves, as well as shoes and socks during peak mosquito times to prevent mosquito bites.

"It kind of presented in a typical way, like fever, chills and stuff like that, and his became one of the more serious cases where he actually developed encephalitis". Individuals with severe or unusual headaches should seek medical care as soon as possible.

SOUTH WINDSOR- The West Nile Virus most recently has been detected in South Windsor.

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