If You Consume Alcohol, Must Know This Biggest Myth About It!

That might not sound like much, but - at a global level - that daily drinking habit translates to about 100,000 additional deaths every year, Gakidou said.

The new study is being touted as the most comprehensive of its kind because of its wide-reaching nature.

The CDC also says that more than 2,000 Americans die each year from acute alcohol intoxication, and that more than 38 million American adults admit to binge-drinking once a week, downing eight drinks at a time on average.

That measurement varies around the world; for example, a standard drink is 8 grams in the United Kingdom and 14 grams in US.

However, in terms of recommending abstinence from alcohol, Humphreys said that promoting such a message would be hard, in part because of the large number of people who current drink alcohol, and the influence of powerful industries in the alcohol market. They were responsible for 27.1 per cent of alcohol-related deaths of women and 18.9 per cent of men.

You may want to think again before downing that boozy cocktail because new research suggests that no amount of alcohol is safe for your health.

"The strong association between alcohol consumption and the risk of cancer, injuries, and infectious diseases offset the protective effects for heart disease in our study".

Currently, New Zealand's Ministry of Health guidelines recommend that men drink no more than three standard units a day and no more than 15 standard units a week.

Meanwhile, some studies have questioned the long-standing idea that moderate drinking is good for heart health.

Regular consumption had adverse effects on organs while acute intoxication could lead to injuries or poisoning.

"We fully support efforts to provide the public with balanced and unbiased information about the risks associated with drinking so that they can make their own informed decisions, rather than potentially misleading efforts that suggest any level of alcohol consumption is harmful, with no acknowledgement of the benefits".

According to the study, which was carried out at the University of Washington, Irish women drink an average of three drinks a day. Alcohol use comes in seventh as an overall cause of death, said the team, whose work was funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

"Policies focussing on reducing alcohol consumption to the lowest levels will be important to improve health". For people who consume two drinks a day, the risk of developing one of the 23 alcohol-related health problems increases by 7 percent over one year; and for those who drink five drinks a day, the risks increases 37 percent over one year.

For older people, cancer is the most common fatal health effect of drinking.

While Brits are fairly boozy, the highest number of current alcohol drinkers were in Denmark (95.3% of women and 97.1% of men) while the lowest were in Pakistan for men (0.8%) and Bangladesh for women (0.3%).

"There is no safe level of driving, but governments do not recommend that people avoid driving", Spiegelhalter, who also was not involved in the research, said in a statement.

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